Traders who are also parents, how do you do it?

how do you balance your time trading and also kids? plus a ft job for all of us . all of it is so tiresome

Sometimes with great difficulty :joy: I get up at 6, to have an hour or so to do some work before the kids get up. At the minute I’m on MAT leave so I’m home for the day. I just snatch time wherever I can, sometimes that obviously impacts what I can do but I do my best. Just do the best you can and don’t kick yourself if it didn’t go as planned.


Don’t have any kids and single, but a very busy job and schedule.

Trading is easy to find time in between things to multi task, set price alerts, trade off of longer timeframes etc.

Forex is the most difficult way to trade, except for maybe binary options.
It is not for the average person.

You should probably just buy index funds with Vanguard and call it a day.


Trade a market that closes (e.g. stock market). Send your kids to school/daycare while you are trading.

What about when they come back though?

very important. how many hrs of sleep do you get?

I don’t trade full time, I have another source of income

How do you manage to balance all that? Family and two jobs?

There are 168 hours in a week - At age 35 I was using 120 of them - for working, my partner did the child-rearing in the main.

People these days seem to expect that they can sit around playing on their phones and everything else magically does itself !

Answer to the original question - reorganise yourself and sleep less ! - use a slow cooker or stew pan - Eat whilst doing something else :slightly_smiling_face:

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what is less? do you or did you sleep for 3 hours or less?

Hopefully you can split the time “looking after the kids” - with their other parent.

we do but the jobs at home are neverending. hard to squeeze time for anything else. should have learned trading sooner

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Ok - if you can’t find the time to gain your education - you will have to remain ignorant :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s why it is so hard to learn for most people - unless you have the time and money to fully devote yourself to learning it’s an uphill battle.

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