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Another diary…

If you look at my profile, you’ll probably see a topic that I created to write a diary before. It didn’t work out, I forgot about it, now I’m stuck at home incredibly bored during Coronavirus lockdown I thought I’d give it another crack and write a blog along the way. Because why not, I can only forget about it again.

My name is Oli, I’m based in the UK and have been investing and trading for about 10 years (sounds like an AA meeting here :beer:) prepare for my life story…

I’m in my twenties, I’ve lived in several countries and have a gorgeous blonde wife from Scandinavia :ok_hand:. I’m a College Lecturer in Electrical Engineering for a couple of days a week and trade/do what I want the rest of the week. I have been trading and investing for 11 years and am pretty happy with how things have gone so far :facepunch:

I like to trade the longer timeframes; I want my trade to tell a story and give me a reason to put a position on other than how a fib might look. I model myself on how CTAs operate, I like long trends that I can build and build on over decent time periods, taking short term contrarian positions and making the most of sentiment and solid research. Here I’ll be posting FX trades but I pretty much trade anything, from bonds to bushels as long it has a compelling narrative and a decent trend.

Why I trade this way?

Can I day trade? Hell yeah. My own mentor is in fact a well-known day trader. However, I hate sitting in front of a screen all day, tried it and am not a fan it just doesn’t interest me. Let me do a few hours of analysis now and then, flick through some charts, read up on what’s happening in the world then let me go and do something fun. Also, I’m just not enamoured by the fact that you have to make constant quick decisions all day, Its just not my style. I remember one of my teaching colleagues said to me once “Oli if you where anymore relaxed, you’d be a blob on the floor”. That’s my style. :sunglasses:

It makes me think of back in school everyone was shooting each up on the fast-paced Call of duty games whereas I was always much more interested in strategically conquering nations on Age of empires or Civilization. Even back then I found macroeconomics, geopolitics, and global events highly fascinating. (I was a weird kid).

Was I profitable instantly? I wish. My first year I broke even so Hooray for me, the second year dropped about 15%. Knowing what I do now that’s not too bad either, probably a good thing actually… Since then I’ve managed to stay in profit and feel I’ve “paid my tuition” to the market.

Why try and start this diary again? Well simply to prove that it is more than possible to do this with a bit of patience and perseverance and help a few people along the way. I don’t want anyone to copy my trades or the way I trade (I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work) but show people they can find their own way. Like I said earlier my own mentor is a day trader, I’m not, but both work but I think my way has a much lower failure rate.

Before anyone accuses me, I’m not looking to create a signals service because basically I can’t, you have to have a Lamborghini for that. I do want to help people though, in teaching we call it scaffolding, giving people a little and encouraging them to independently solve problems and build on what they already know then giving them even more confidence to solve their own problems. As well as that, I don’t like to be challenged and I hate running but I know both are good for you, I trade slightly different every year and that’s from either changing conditions or paradigm shifts which are usually brought on by other people. I remember when I first became a Lecturer, I learnt way more because people asked me questions and challenged me, so please do.

If I don’t answer anymore I expect its because Coronas probably been eradicated and I’ve likely decided to do something fun again.

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Anyway, I need to post up some positions and have another glass of rum or something. Let the moolah begin to flow.

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One position closed for a 27 pip profit today.

Current FX positions put on today for this diary.


You sound like a very interesting trader so I will be keen to hear more of your trading journal. Bye the way how do you keep that journal?? Also I would be interested to know who your mentor was as I am a Day Trader myself and have had several mentors over my six years of trading.



I’ll go through my hypothesis behind my EUR/CHF trade that’s on at the moment.

It’s a bit of a if it works it will be big, if not then oh well move on kind of trade, but I see a big old pay out if it goes my way.

You see CHF is traditionally a “safe haven” and seems like it’s “the” safe haven to be in at the moment. Now the SNB are always trying to lower the value of the Franc but find it difficult as essentially, they’re manipulating their currency which Mr Trump does not like at all. I think its worth a lot more than it currently is, especially compared to the Euro.

The main way they try to reduce the value of the Franc vs other currencies is by selling the franc and buying up other currencies, creating an artificial demand.

If you check out this bar chart. You can see how much other currencies the SNB has been buying up recently. According to their foreign currency reserves, quite a lot…

I’m thinking this will eventually stop and market forces will take effect.

As you can see on the monthly this has been trending one way for the last two years.

It does look like a pretty big bad support zone on the daily there, but I think if we start falling through that, there’s only one way we keep going as Paul Johnson says in his cracking garage tune “down, down, down”.

One other factor that is nice to see is retail traders are 74% long, and who is wrong 80% of the time?

Now we could move on to some economic factors that support the hypothesis such as how much headwind the Eurozone has coming but Its sunny outside and I want to go play Swingball.

Anyway, who knows what happens next? Lets see :sunglasses:

Thanks @blackduck Its just one on myfxbook not one I usually use as I’m trading all sorts of other things as well, think you can only record FX on this. Just set up this on a little account to make it easy to keep track on here.

What I normally use is Edgewonk though. Decent bit of software.

To be honest though Excel is good enough though, I should probably upload my old Excel template on here :thinking:

Probably won’t reveal my mentor on here, but he’s been interviewed on chat with traders and has been in the financial times.

I was using Notion-So to create a journal and it is not bad. But I have since discovered Edgwonk and whilst it is a little expensive it is worth every penny.



Closed another AUDUSD position for 25.5 pips.

Good looking at a potential short if this encroaches my 0.64 regions. I feel something brewing in my gut that this pair will go lower this week. Not sure why though.