TradeStation 10 Verses TradeStation Futures Plus

Hello fellow Traders

I am looking to change my trading platform and have been trialling two from TradeStation.

TradeStation 10 the latest windows based trading software that allows the user to trade Futures Option Stocks and Forex. So far I find this platform user friendly although there are a few things that bug me.

As I also trade futures and options I have been looking at the new TradeStation Futures Plus. The charts are brilliant but it is nowhere near as user friendly as TradeStation 10.
To start with I trade mostly using stop entries. Buy stops and Sell stops. Futures Plus allows me to enter long with a buy stop but will not let me enter short with a sell stop. I have looked at all the educational material and there is very little on chart trading. I have also contacted their client centre asking why this is so, but to date I have received no answer.

Futures Plus has only been out since August 2019 so I am guessing that there would be a lot of bugs yet to be sorted out.

Has anyone else used Futures Plus or TradeStation 10 that would like to comment on these platforms??