Trading account hacked/sabotaged causing losses of three quarter of my live account

First what I said…

Bellow, Tradersway response followed by my confirmation of my previous statement to them.

Thank you. I see that you told Tradersway your account had been hacked. They checked that hacking had not occurred via their systems. They blocked your account. They advised you to re-set your password. So far, all this is reasonable.

What is happening next?

But, this morning I tried to trade with my remaining funds but the trades were disabled on my account Then I posted my first today’s post here.

But your account is blocked. Its blocked because you told the broker it had been hacked. The first thing any broker should do in such a case is block the account.

Below, a copy of an email sent to the Police and Ombudsman less than a month ago in regard to the undercover trying to trap me on the daily basis, sabotaging me, etc…

You have sent your email to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. Why did you send it to them? Why did you not contact the UK Financial Conduct Authority or the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau or your local police force?

What did the PHOS Ombudsman say?

The first email is to the Police department for complaint against the Police.

PHOS is I believe the last step since I done all the previous…However they just delay their response and/or ignore me…some politics call this systematic…

If I write a book today I’m sure it will be a best seller…

I’m going to suggest that the PHOS may not reply since they have no powers to be involved.

if you wish to complain about police actions, contact the Police & Crime commissioner or the Chief Constable for the police force concerned. If this is insufficient, contact the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). If this is insufficient, contact the MP for the area in which you are living.

I contacted the IPCC in vain. Same for about a hundred of MP/members of the Parliament and almost all BBC journalists…All this maybe three times in 2020 and once in January 2021…but no response from any of them.

Lawyers I contacted are “not available at the moment”.

Tradersway came back to me yesterday afternoon claiming that they disabled my trades (without any notification) because the day before I informed them that I wanted to use a two factor authentication : this is an unfortunate coincidence since their yesterday “technical issue” made me miss yesterday’s good Thursday opportunity.

yeah there are a few out there but there seems to be some very strange going on here

So I guess, some people will now come to tell me that it is in Tradersway terms and conditions to freeze the profit to “Nil” in order to prevent me to take profit when it is in my interest (as shown in the screenshot below).

Apparently, they turned a Buy stop into a Buy limit…I’m very sure I made a Buy stop order.

I have to write the statement below as some people seems to believe that I’m in a conspiracy mode. It will make my pseudo hidden identity lesser hidden but it is doesn’t matter in this case.

Yesterday, 10 February 2021, I went on, the website of a local (free) newspaper in Central London and surprise : they are promoting their product with my company’s event vehicle design and business model… identity theft while “Today, Klarna is valued at around 11 billion dollars (£8 billion) following a 650 million dollar (£475 million) investment round last year, led by private equity fund Silver Lake.”…

My offenders (and maybe Klarna itself) just went to sell my intellectual property to others companies such as Klarna since they are protected/covered (and maybe even instructed) by the corrupt UK government.

Further evidence of my statement above is available on request.

When you have been scammed in the forex market, offers like recovering your losses might attract you. These are no less than a red flag that you are inviting another scam to your door. What you have lost to a scam is lost forever. By trying to get it back will only worsen the situation.

Hey and sad you’ve had to go through a lot. I’m not sure how things work there as far as govt is concerned. But, the mistake that I can tell was made on your part was a wrong selection of the broker. It’s never too late though. You do have knowledge of the market so it won’t be tough to restart with a new regulated broker.

Let’s hope so…

I’m confused. You opened an account with a scam broker and blame the government for trying to sabotage your 60 bucks?


Evidence with Health and Harliament Ombudsman reference number were provided in my previous posts.
Don’t have time to waste.

That’s bad indeed but with your choice of broker, it was bound to happen. Try to be careful with the broker you decide to trade with and look closely at their trading conditions. Never trade with a broker if they don’t fulfil at least your basic trading requirements.

One thing I noticed is that most broker require one use their customised metatrader version : sometimes the market price/chart from this last can be different from metatrader’s market price/chart, etc.