Trading advise

Hi guys

This site is great, I’m up to the last year of Middle school.

I am planning on starting to trade with a demo account on IQOption.

I wanted to know if anyone can suggest a good starting strategy.

Thanks guys.

Welcome to the forum.

It’s not easy to offer advice without knowing more about your aspirations, knowledge-level, hours of availability to trade, and so on. But there’s one here that [I]might[/I] possibly help you to get started (if nothing else, it’s good for teaching good habits, and should enable you to get some demo experience without sustaining heavy demo losses, anyway):[B] 301 Moved Permanently .


I’m doing it more to supplement my income so not full time.
I mostly have only learn whats on the babypips school, up to middle school.

I plan on trying a few strategies to see which one works best for me