Trading Alerts for everyone who wants to post potential moves

I created this Topic for anyone that wants to post a potential move on certain pairs at the moment. Trade alerts for people to watch for or to post screenshots and get the communities opinion on what could potentially happen. Please be nice because we all have different backgrounds, and some know a lot less than others. Happy trading!

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I am watching the GBP/USD charts and see a potential drive to the upside if the level gets tested again at 1.19450 or so. This shot was from the 4h time frame. this level has been tested since the beginning of the year, over 6 times and it has consistently gone back up for a rally. If it does not break the zone of support, I believe this will rally again for some time. however, if it breaks the level of support, it could continue downwards. Does anyone have any input on what this pair could potentially do today or in the next week?
I have set an alert at 1.19550 for now and see if that level will again be tested…

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I’m just kidding. I don’t have any input for your chart at the moment. But I’m sure others will be happy to share.

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This comment decently gave me a chuckle this morning. I was right about the major bullish upswing on this pair when it retested this level yesterday. Let’s see today what it will be at and watch for other pairs. Happy trading.

From H1 timeframe, we can see triple bottom and now the price is on uptrend, if it’s strong enough, it could reach to the first level, 1.20700 - 1.20900 zone.

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This is exactly what I was thinking this morning! thanks so much for the information on the charts. I was kind of stuck on what to do with this pair today.

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Hello Kassy, how are you doing?

First and foremost do not depend your hard-worked personal money on someone else’s analysis.
I have done it in the past many times, I was right, they were wrong, I lost money maybe they lost also but the thing is they were driving fancy Lambos at that time so I manipulated by their analysis that “they should be right”
anyway, let’s go to the point, GBP/USD.
I’ll share my analysis and my thoughts but please, do not take them for granted, I’ll share only trying to help you with the perspective of how to approach the market structure etc.
Monthly Chart

I think it’s obvious that is in a downtrend, if not, you can start marking Lower Highs and Lower Lows, If you can’t do it by your self let me know and I’ll do that for you to assist you.
Measuring the last down move leg with a Fibonacci retracement we can see that the price has reached the 50%, aka the equilibrium, so is in a premium price, so the algorithms can start looking for shorts now.
Conclusion, Monthly chart: Bearish.

Weekly Chart

Now from a weekly perspective, we can see that the structure has shifted to bullish, but I see only the impulse, I don’t see a retracement yet, saying that I mean that if we want to see more bullish momentum need to see minimum the price to retrace at 50% of Fibonacci retracement level. So I personally consider also Weekly as bearish.
Please remember, on the Monthly is still bearish, meaning that Monthly trumps Weekly, Weekly trumps Daily and so on and so on.
I have marked one yellow rectangle there between the prices 1.24581 & 1.24059, if you extended to the right you’ll see with precision the price traded in that level, and that is done by the algorithm to make the price “efficient”.
Buyside liquidity, 2 times, the meaning of that, the banks hunt stop losses, not mine, not yours, from the big guys, Hedge Funds, Pension funds, Insurance funds, Institutions etc. we are talking about millions on billions. The bank doesn’t satisfy its hunger with my 1000€ stop loss.
Weekly chart: Bearish

Daily chart

In Daily we can see that the price has come to make efficient the price at the yellow rectangle, also trading at a premium level meaning of that shorts (Premium = shorts, Discount = longs)
Daily Chart: Bearish.

The market has shifted bearish. I’m anticipating the price going to the Fair Value Gap which is marked there for start, I believe a deeper retracement to the downside before it rises more to the upside.

Everything you see before the trendline indicating sell-side liquidity as a double bottom triple bottom etc. is Big time liquidity, stop loss from many people, so they are going to run down. I don’t know when, but I anticipate the market to do that for sure.

4-hour chart

before the price goes lower there is an h4 Fair value Gap and a m15 FVG which is sitting on a bearish order block, anticipate the price to be traded at 1.21950 level and look there for shorts,
Everything you see as a double top, double bottom, triple top/bottom etc there are all liquidity, stop loss, mine, yours, Harry Potter’s, Willy Wonka’s and so.
Please remember that the market makers are receiving reports from your broker where is your stop loss, so on the double top or double bottom they have a trend line in their charts like mine indicating sell-side liquidity with only a difference, their trendline indicates “xxx million dollar$ stop-loss”. As an outcome, they will drive the price there, take the liquidity, break our morale because they took our money, and do the original move, but without the retail hands in.

This is a perspective on the approach, please do not take for granted anything I wrote here. Even if it’s right or wrong (you are going to judge it) I didn’t wright anything here to confuse you or to manipulate you. I did it only to assist you and the traders.
Make your own research and please try to trade the right way, the markets of Forex are moving by banks, learn to trade like the banks, it’s very important to anticipate the correct move.

Until next time, take care, be healthy and trade safely.

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Everyone Please be on the lookout for Interest rates increasing again. The expectations are for an increase in 25 basis points, however if the fed increases it to 50 basis points it will have a major negative impact on the us currency and it will signal to the markets that the US economy is losing control of inflation. This something I do not believe anyone should ignore this week. When J. Powel goes to speak again, please watch your current open trades because it could be possible if they increase rates 50 points your buy positions in EUR/USD will get stopped out. Please watch it closely.
The last time JP spoke and increased rates the market reacted poorly, and I was stopped out of every trade I had open so please be advised.
Also be on the lookout for the jobs report on Friday as week because that will also have an impact on the US currency with the combination of the fed hike.
If anyone else has any information on what the fed plans on doing, please drop it below as I can only see so much. I hope everyone has a fantastic morning.

Omg this post was amazing! I believe you are absolutely correct. I understand what you mean and of course I do not take the posts on babypips for face value i also do my own homework on the analysis. I think that you hit very valid points on this post. I believe that any currency pair associated with USD is about to see a major downswing. The Fed is about to increase rates again. The expected increase is .25 basis points however people think that the Fed is going to increase the rates by .50 basis points which will have a serious negative impact on the US dollar. This will trigger the markets to believe that the US gov is losing control of inflation so your analysis on the downtrend continuation I believe is very valid. The supply and demand level that I profited from was temporary as I caught it on a low. I do not usually do that, but it was too good not to take. I think the US dollar will be interesting to watch today as there is a lot of anticipation on the us economy slowing down significantly and the currency pairs with usd or Majors will probably break a lot of lower lows or make now lows today/ this week. Again, this is IF the rates get increase more that 25 basis points. I am not sure how much impact the speculation is going to be prior to the reports but I do think the USD will lose a lot of momentum today/ this week.

Keeping a close eye on these pairs this week. A bit hesitant to hop on any trade in the coming days!

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Fundamentals today was outstanding.

Powell is the man


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:rofl: :joy:
I was so upset I missed this one Haha. I have more Trading opportunities coming up. I will post some potential trades by the end of today. Hopefully they playout nicely.

This is my current watchlist for trades. *Remember do your own reserch, I am in no way shape or form telling you to trade at these levels. Trading is risky so do your own work and proper risk management BEFORE trading please.

Remember set your own stoploss levels, everyone has different risk levels

Gbp/Jpy sell 161.550 TP 30 pips SL 20 pips sent out at 12:30pm, Trade was triggered at 1:03pm.
TP was hit for 30 pips at 3:01pm. Nice Supply grab for everyone. See you tomorrow :slight_smile:

Sent out on My discord at 8:30am.
USD/JPY Sell 132.360 TP 30 pips SL 20 pips
TP hit at 8:38 am
This week: 2 wins 0 loss
See you all tomorrow