Trading and Guilt

Backstory: I have a friend who got laid off from her white collar job. She ended up having to get a job at a restaurant to make ends meet. We were talking about how insanely difficult it is to have such a physically demanding job and only to earn less than minimum wage from it.

Then I thought about the traders, crypto, stocks or even forex and how they’ve been raking in $$$ within the past year just from the craziness in the markets.

Those who’ve made a good chunk of money from trading, do you ever feel guilt that you’re in such a privileged position that you can make money from just being on your comp or maybe just buying bitcoin or something? If so, how do you “balance” that out? And if you don’t feel any guilt at all, why not?

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No guilt here, trading is a skill that needs to be worked at(It is not a privileged position). I have put a lot of hours in screen time and charts, learning from all the emotions that are tied into trading. The stress when trying to figure it all out, second guessing yourself cause you’ve lost 4 trades in a row. Not spending time with the wife and kids cause you’re building a skill to teach your kids so they can earn an income along with whatever career that choose.

I was a good basketball player, I never felt guilty cause I was better than someone. I put the work in to get there. Not my fault they didn’t or that maybe I had more natural talent.

Now, do I feel bad for someone and want the best for anyone, for sure. Why would a person not. The lesson she is going through now will only make her stronger once she’s out of it and on the other side. I’ve been through the trails and the battles. Part of life, makes us the people we are. Anyone can survive during the sunny days.


I’ve never been in a privileged position, and I certainly don’t make a good chunk of money from FX.

But I never whinge about it, or compare myself with others better off. What happens in my life is mostly down to me, and that will continue, thank you.


No, I have a skill that millionaires I know don’t have. They are super jealous of the fact I can get such a high ROI.


I think it less a matter of guilt and more a matter of gratitude for being able to do that and self-awareness of what privilege it is, these days, to work from home, even if one is doing something other than trading.


I believe and agree with all of this. However there is also that side of the argument that makes it extremely difficult if not impossible for anyone to do the same things we’re capable of doing. Aka, someone being born from a war torn country or maybe someone born with a debilitating disease? I’m probably just overthinking it though…

Right - same here. I just also think about the already well-off kids who have made money from this crypto boom and are now “instant” millionaires. I’m sure there are a bunch. Or maybe Robinhooders who have already started off with a financially stable background or maybe even generational wealth…

And then you have people who were let go from their blue collar jobs, struggling to make ends meet. Who’s to say they aren’t working as hard as we are on whatever their/our jobs are supposed to be?

I have to say I am shocked at how many people liked your post lol.

This is a good way of looking at it. Certainly makes it more positive!

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Who said life has to be fair? Who can say whether the rich kids are any happier than the poor? In fact, I would bet that they’re not.

The reality is, it is what it is. And maybe, that’s a lesson we need to learn before we talk about comparisons.

Perhaps easy to say if you’re part of the people benefiting from the status quo?

I’ve tried to make myself clear. What happens in my life is, it is what it is. I never compare myself to anyone else whatever their status or situation.

With respect, I suggest you climb down off your righteous perch and accept it.