Trading book (Enjoyable read)?

Morning folks, I am just passed half way through my babypips education, the free course is great and i really enjoy reading it due to the way its wrote, quite funny and very realistic in terms of its approach.
Can anyone recommend a book of similar style? I have tried a few trading books in the past and struggled to turn to the next page due to how boring they were?


The disciplined trader is very good. I really enjoyed that


The Naked Trader is written tongue in cheek, but he is more about long term stock holding rather than short term Forex trading. Nevertheless, his approach to set up and entry /exit is applicable to Forex trading. It could be that the reason what you have read or are reading is boring to you is that you may not see the direct relevance or importance of the contents until you have actually gone through a number of strategies, plans, setups, entries, exits and been able to measure your actual success rate and profit and loss. If you have not already done so, open a demo account and just get some trade entries done for practice, so that the terms in theoretical learning have a practical meaning. Apologies if you have already done this. I have read (probably) more than 30 books on the subject of trading and Forex, and I now find little additional knowledge, but I do make constant use of the reinforcement of the same themes to avoid going off on a tangent and sticking to the rules that are so important to maintain, despite real world distractions like Dogecoin.


I’m going the other way. I would say stay away from Al Brooks. I mean he’s got a great reputation, but his books are tough reads, at least for me. Sorry not much help.

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Thanks for the reply, yeah I have a demo account, still working out how to make use of some of the tools etc and my way around.
I understand the relevance point, I think i just take things in easier when its wrote in a certain manner.
I am a full time firefighter and we have horrendous amounts of learning modules to do during our shifts and even though the context is relatable i struggle to take it in as it can be so badly wrote.

I also love reading books quite a lot. In fact, I find them the best learning source, no matter what other sources are in the option. They don’t just offer great information to learn but prepare you for your future. That’s how I learnt forex trading, crypto investments, and stock market investments.

I havent read this yet. Ill definitely give it a go. I checked it out on Amazon :slight_smile:

Hi again,
So my copy of Ray Dalio’s Principles just arrived yesterday. I knew it was an encyclopedia, but I took a deep breath… then diaired to start reading it in 14 days’ time. LOL. Meantime, I was directed by some other training material to an excerpt from his book that just talks about how the economy works with three parts - productivity, long term credit / debt cycle and short term credit / debt cycle. I found the cartoon style presentation very easy to understand, and I am sure it will stick in my mind because it is not all heavy words and formulae. Enjoy. (8) How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio - YouTube