Trading Bots? Looking for in depth guides

Can anyone educate me on bots? It seems like most of the market movements are controlled by bots. The recent dip with bitcoin moved almost every single alt coin in tandem with it across every exchange.

Do you need to be a programmer to design these bots? How do they interface with exchanges? APIs?

Can anyone point me in the right direction to learn about all the bots out there?

Thank you

Talk about bots, do you mean expert advisors?

A forex bot is a computer program that is based on a set of forex trading signals which help to define whether to purchase or sell a certain currency pair at any particular time. Trading bots are available 24/7 to Forex traders , and can easily be bought over the internet.

 I don't prefer trading bots since I am a scalper so I prefer placing a trading manually and keeping a track of the market so that way I never miss any opportunity that is likely to help me book profits

depends what you mean there are loads of trading bots out there you can by some got some not so. now the aglrerithem the big company’s move to buy and sell are bots but different and ones we could never get our hands on.

It is an automated trading system which uses a computer program to create buy and sell orders and automatically submits the orders to a market center or exchange. You can look for brokers which offers bots and EAs