Trading competition 2019

I was wondering if Babypips held competitions amongst forex traders ever?

If not would anybody interested in such a concept?

We could all create a demo account with the same amount and whoever ends up with the highest amount is the victor?

None that I know of


To what end?

Not any officially hosted by BP but I offered up an idea last year.

What’s the point of a competition?! What a waste of time. Just trade bro.

The idea has been mooted, but attracts negativity as a rule. - As you can see beginning on this thread. Some who are not instantly negative - go down the path of insistence that it must be a $10,000 real money account. so as to limit t to “serious” traders ! (or possibly for a different reason ? )

Personally, I see no problem with the idea of letting everyone who wants to “Have a go” - :sunglasses:

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it’s fine for “a bit of fun”, but generally attracts the wrong habits that make a successful trader. Racing to make a decent return is not the aim of the game in reality.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that here but I don’t see how that can be educational though. Babypips always talks about how the process is more important that the outcome, I feel like a competition like this is the opposite of that.

I have a good deal of respect for your postings as a rule :sunglasses:

I’m struggling to see any logic in this one though !

Please expand :smile:

Thanks mate!

Well, I just feel like if the goal were to make the most amount of $, then it won’t be about the learning / process anymore, it will solely be about the goal - which will now be just all about them gainz. So instead of learning things the non-competitive way, you’re now adding even more pressure to yourself. Does that make sense?

Dunno @purtle - Everything I ever learned was a competition.

Reading, writing 'Rithmetic at school - tested every once in a while and reported home - “Reading Age” 6.4 etc. “O’levels” Graded 1 - 6 in competition with twice yearly examinations and copious tests in between. “A’Levels” - Degree, Disertations - all competitive and reported as “19th place” etc. or “Distinction” etc.

We knew at Professional qualification - that only a certain percentage was allowed to pass each year, so that was competitive.

I learned to fish as a kid and by early teens was entering “Junior and Juvenile” fishing matches. I was lucky enough to live in the same county as the “World Champion” and used to go and sit and watch the Maestro in action when the “Adult matches” were on. He was quite helpful to us kids and explained what he was doing and why - If he felt like it ! Then for the following month or so you’d go and practice the little snippets you’d learned - How to put a caster on a size 18 spade end hook so the fish could not tell, for example.

Growing vegetables on the allotment - meant going to the village show to see how you were doing and eventually entering your own in competition against the “best” there.

I well remember one time, I had the biggest shallots in show by a mile - but only got 3rd because they had flat spots on them which the others didn’t.

The winner came up to me and we did a deal - I gave him my shallots for him to breed on the following year and he told me how to lose the flat spots.

Without competition such as this - we would neither of us have progressed.

So if every other enterprise benefits from competition - why not “trading” ?

[It could be noted as well that when you take a “test” in BP School, you get a result x% and "78% of others who took this test, scored better than you …!" ]

I agree, competition is a good way to learn and a huge motivator also. And it could work for trading for sure (I remember reading @alphahavoc’s story about trading competitions) but I just personally feel like it may not be the best way to learn for other people.

I suppose for the more experienced/highly motivated/competitive ones, it’s a great idea. But of course, this is all talk and in the end, there’s only one way to find out. To actually do it!

You didn’t tag me so I didn’t get a chance to defend my competition thread. $10,000 is to prevent stupid YOLO trading. The goal of my competition was to test real strategies, not to see who can gamble/YOLO the best.

It is also real money (for most people, including myself), which attracts a lot more interest than pocket change trading.

Sounds like you are too busy being an armed chair critic to start you own, so I won’t even ask.

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