Trading concepts

Is there anything on the web that would be good reference for trading concepts and strategies? has some good, basic explanations.

They also have a demo account that lets you test the waters without risking real money.

It is best to practice before you really plunge into it.

Goodluck, MHJ! :slight_smile:

I’ve found very helpful in the past. Alot of people post their systems and methods for other to try and test out…and they’re very helpful there too. Good luck!

That site is absolutely awesome…another complete newbie here, with next to no experience in finances and none whatsoever in ForEx trading.

Suggest googling it all up, there are also other sites that might be good and useful, but definitely, we’ll take on all the suggestions in this thread. Thanks to all.

Hello friend
You can learn about the Forex strategies and techniques from the Ebook of AvaFx.
It is an Award winning Ebook can help you to learn how to deal with the market…

Happy Trading:)