Trading Crypto coins

Are there any crypto traders here ?
If so, what strategy do you use and what are your experiences regarding how the crypto markets behave ?
I’ve noticed that a lot of FX strategies fit into the crypto market. The use of orderblocks and supply/demand zones tend to get a lot of reaction whenever price enters these zones in crypto…

On another note:
I think it’s wise to trade different kinds of markets these days. Everywhere you hear there’s another crash or correction or whatever on it’s way and I think if you diversify your trading and maintain good money management that you can be highly profitable, no matter if something crashes/get’s a correction.

I think it is important to trade with a platform or exchange that provides details about the market and the crypto you are trading.

I started use a trading platform called Cleo one and I started to use risk&money management tools quite intensely. I create my strategies but mostly testing them on backtest and papertrade nowadays. And started to read on risk management more.