Trading demo/live on OANDA in tradingview?

Can trading demo on tradingview with oanda be possible?

Sure can. that feature has been around for a while. I demo trade Oanda, float between Tradingview and getting a bit more into MT4 too. Both work using the Oanda demo account.

Check it out!

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Yes, you might have that option with Oanda but just to be sure, you can contact them and ask. I have traded demos with both Oanda and Fxview but on MT4. That’s the only platform that I have used, find the interface very convenient. And I as a person can’t be bothered with using complex platforms. The reason that I even chose these 2 brokers was the same-easy-to-use. Low spreads are of course a plus.

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Yes, of course. You can demo trade on Oanda for as long as you want but I am not sure whether in tradingview or not. You can simply get in touch with their customer care to ask them. But as they allow you to demo trade in MT4, I believe that they will allow you to demo trade on tradingview also.

Here’s a newer explanation on the TradingView website. The other one was from 2017.

They had the options to do so, so yes

You can make a demo account on Oanda and demo trade for as long as you want.

I think demo trading in tradingview is possible too, but you can still confirm it by contacting them.

I have demo traded in Oanda and Turnkeyforex on MT4 and not on TradingView but since they have an option, there might be a possibility that they will let you demo trade on TradingView too. Every broker should have this option so traders can first learn properly about trading instead of starting as a noob and losing money. Also, choose a genuine broker for demo trading too.

Genuine broker is a must whether it is live trading or demo one.

That’s right, it doesn’t make sense to just use any broker while demo trading and being careful only when it comes to live trading. Why not get used to the interface of the broker while demo trading itself? And then continue with the same for live, for which obviously a legit broker will be needed.

Couldn’t agree more! I think nobody in their right mind can care less about this! By the way, which brokers are you using? I have been with Fidelity throughout my trading life, and I find myself unique in that manner. Everyone seems to be switching brokers all the time!

Not me dude! I have been with CMC Markets and Fxview since forever now, started with cmc about 5 years back and added fxview to the portfolio about 2 years back. Both good choices for me.