Trading during holiday season

Should i trade during forex now this holiday season?
If not, when the best time ?

You should take some time off during Christmas. I do not advise to trade during holidays because there might be some unexpected volatility.

i am trading only when unexpected thniks are happining and i have a good succes rate

haha best of luck gubbit

the market can be so slow or so unpredictable during the xmas season, I think a lot of traders would let it pass and go back to trading in january we all need a break

Trade as you wish as long as your brokers allows it and your trade set ups. Though, it will be slower than usual
but I am sure you can still trade.

It’s a personal preference and besides “Money Never Sleeps” ( I’m not talking about you MoneyNVRSleeps :slight_smile: )…

Well, it is almost too late but I still have a moment before it is X-mas.

It depends on your Timeframe. If you trade higher Timeframes, taking a holiday might not be a bad idea. If you trade lower TFs, money can be made.

Unfortunately I decided to take a week off, also with the fiscal cliff discussion coming up. Last year I traded during the season, and I wished I had done the same this year.

IMO there is no holiday season. Every month is worth to trade. See monthly chart of EU. It nicely moved more than previous two months so far. See also Daily chart. Is it trending or Consolidating?

For newbies I would not recommend to trade. But I think I am FXjunkie :slight_smile: and trade anyway

I will take a couple of days off to spend with my family and then continue trading.

I definitely will have a break during Xmas days. Firstly because market is very unpredictable during Christmas holidays and secondly I want to have a rest and spend time with my family.