Trading Emperor journal

Hi everyone! I’m quite new here in the forum. Here is my trading journal . It will be my personal outlet for discipline and progression of my destination. Without further ado, I took short few minutes ago on GBPUSD at 1.38557. Let us see where it goes…

I just took a buy on GBPUSD at 1.38583 because based on the MA it still up in my opinion.

Can you share any more details about your strategy? Been trading long?

hey @samewise, I just use price action (S&R, Trendline and MA). Yeah i did long 12 hour ago and now im thinking of going short tho

I took a sell on GBPUSD at 1.38360 because seems to me its a breakout based on H4

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Sorry, I mean have you been trading for months or years. Are you a beginner? Thanks.

Well I been trading for 5 years but mostly on demo until this year that I start going live. I’m counted as amateur trader. How about you? How many years have you been trading? @samewise

Ooh looking good so far!

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The price seems to enter back to the Support Line on H4 seems like a fake breakout but based on H1 the price seems about to go down so I took a sell at GBPUSD at 1.38579

Seems like its gonna go continue bearish based on the MA and seems like a real breakout to me so I took a sell at 1.38073

I took a short on GBPUSD at 1.38617 as I believe it will go down.

Not even many months. Very early still. Just getting a start recently. Can I ask what amount of money you started trading with?

I started with $3000 but I’m thinking of going through FTMO funded program. Maybe early next month!

The price still below Support line on H4 so I’m going short at 1.37197