Trading eurusd very short term - Come Join!

I’m going to scalp trade eurusd starting around 04:30 GMT. I use stop entry orders and will tell what my trades will be. I go for some 5 to 15 pips.

Hi, I would love to participate in some live trade action, but did you intend to provide a web link to a live event, or not?

I’ll look up live chat service (that’s free) and post it here. I’ve got some others things to do right now.

Maybe some trades a few hours from now.

Thats interesting, post some results :slight_smile:

Sell stop entry 1.2130 now. take profit in about 10 minutes. move stop order up as price rises.

manage trade at your own risk please.

Took a loss on that one

Right now, nothing looks good on eurusd. Looking at other pairs.

No trade till 15:50 GMT. At that time, look to short eurusd for about 20 minutes. I’ll just wait till then.

I wish it was easier to post images here.

I’ve got a sell stop order in now at 1.2133. Price should move lower in the next 30 minutes. Move sell stop up as price rises. Avoid the use of market orders to enter.

Sell stop triggered. I’m going to hold for some 45 minutes or so.

Poor entry on my part. Stop loss not hit. Still in the trade.

Did not know I had limits on how many posts I can do. My last post yesterday was my limit and I couldn’t post more.

I’ll use this forum to post my trades. I make trade calls well in advance, and use entry stop orders and not market orders to open a trade.

Friday, I lost a little bit of money on the day. Over trading by me.

Got possible trades lined up for Monday. I will be trading starting around 11:30 GMT to 14:45 GMT Monday. Possibly two or three trades during that time.

A bit of a baptism of fire but well done for persevering with the posts. Members may be more interested in knowing your background, how long you have been trading, and what your strategy and plans are that lead you to the decisions you make when you enter trades. Please practice with posting attachments (charts, jpegs, pdfs, etc) and ask members if they can view what you have uploaded. Not different than most other forums. Use the upwards pointing arrow. Maybe to get used to the controls try first to post with some bold or italic text, and then refresh your screen to ensure it has worked. Create a new thread called “testing thread options” or something like that :grinning:

Hi Mondeoman,
Just found out, new users cannot upload images or links. These are apparently forum rules I have no control over.

I want to post my 2 lunar month cycle solution that is based on a variation of the Delta Phenomena.
You could do that for me if I can message you in a PM on this forum. I’ll try and message you my image if possible.

Going back to my Delta thread here, “Using an improved Delta phenomena”. Just today, I found a way to make it much better than I imagined before.

This is a great time to exercise PATIENCE, said to be one of the three attributes required of a successful trader. I am sure the admins will allow posting attachments if you ask. Type admins in the magnifying glass “search” at top right of screen and ask Forum Admins to grant you access to be able to upload files. :smiley:

I trade this pair daily, nice pair.