Trading full time

Are any other part time traders (those of us that have a day job I mean) finding the holidays are improving trading. I’m not talking about the market but having the time to relax and study the market closer.
Its making a big differance to me having all this extra time and also made me realise how much a job gets in the way of trading.

I takes me about 1/2 hour each day to adjust my positions. I [B]don’t let trading get in the way of my life[/B], especially during the holidays. :slight_smile:

Well I spend about an hour finding and adjusting trades but the point is that I have to do that between working 10-12 hours a day and sleeping.

Plus I have more time for a short term system I rarely get time to use

This is the benefit of longer term position trading, it takes 15-30 minutes/day to check all the pair charts and see if you need to enter or close or adjust any positions and the rest is set it and forget it:D

If you can learn to be a succesful trader doing this you could literally live off your earnings and work 3 hrs/week and live like a king!

Of course I would go nuts from boredom and a sense of not earning my living, (I would feel like a wall street crook, not contributing to society and just pushing buttons and making money rain from the sky) buts to each his/her own.

Hopefully I can learn to become a succesful trader and at least I can know that my annuall short term capital gain taxes are helping society.

Wow, how patriotic of you. We know how well the government handles money…so I’m happy to give it to them too. Charities are just a waste of good tax money. :stuck_out_tongue:

Learning to do this isn’t difficult. Having enough capital to start is.

I like scalping because i can get in and out of the market a few times in 2 - 4 hours a day and that’s it!

If that’s what you think, you must getting good in trading :slight_smile:

But think of it as a pastime if you aren’t earning enough to replace your day job.

There are trades happening 24 hours a day. A job doesn’t have to hinder your success.