Trading Ideas - Daily Market Overview

Hi to all of you.
I would like to share with you trading ideas on several symbols on the market. I will try to put here the analysis on the symbols that have some changes and potential move. Those that do not move or they are moving sideways I will try to leave out.

I hope you find it useful and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

GBPUSD has made a bullish breakout that needs to be confirmed with daily candle not closing below 1.27814.

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EURUSD has made a breakout to the upside above 1.10755 and the next target is 1.1133 and above 1.1170. I would like to see today candle not closing back below 1.10755 in order to cofirm bullish breakout.

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XAUUSD has made a bullish breakout above 2072.00 which is a great signal for the bulls. Verification of the bullish breakout is needed and that is price should stay above 2072.00 today. The next target is 2134.00 which is ATH.

NAS100 is still moving higher and the 17000.00 is still the target and it is very close. At this supply zone I am expecting price to retrace slightly.

US30 confirmed bullish breakout with yesterday candle closing above 37578.00. The next target is 38000.00 as a round number.

USDX is still moving down and it made a breakout to the downside below 101.37 which was a significant demand zone. The price did not retrace at all at this support and demand zone. The next support is at 100.56

ETHUSD is making a bullish breakout. If today candle closes above 2400.00 the next day candle should confirm it in order to see the price moving higher. and the next target is 2760.00, but we have confluence of resistance in front of the current price.

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Thank you for sharing! May I ask what methods did you use for this analysis? (IF it’s okay to share!)

You are welcome.
I am using supply and demand zones and price action analysis.
Additionaly you can see support and resistance lines and channels(with trendlines).

Yesterday candle did not confirm bullish breakout so I would stay outside of the market because without confirming breakout there is no clear signal for further move up.

the similar scenario happened on the GBPUSD. The price tried to make a bullish breakout, but the price could not manage to confirm it with the next day candle.

Bullish breakout did not confirm. We have yesterday candle closed back down below 2072.00 which indicates false breakout. I am staying outside of this idea for now.

Still moving to higher price levels. For now 38000.00 is still target. But I am watching USDX which is connected to this symbol.

We have bearish Pin bar suggesting price will move down. The Pin bar formed right on the supply zone at 2400.00 which is significant signal.