Trading ideas shared

What time of the day do you normally start trading.?

Before London opens, usually 7am - 8am UK time. But got to be careful, the moves in those first 2 hours can be fast but quickly reverse. 9am usually tells the story for the day. Follows the previous hours and a trend is likely for the day, reverses and it’s a toss of a 3 sided coin whether you’re ranging or moving in either direction.

I typically trade during my night time, which would be around 8:00 PM Mania time and 8:00 AM EDT. :blush: I try to finish chores and other projects all throughout the day so I can be a bit more focused when I actually start trading. :blush: When do you usually start? :thinking:

I start on my phone the minute I wake up and finish up last thing before I go to sleep!!

Please what’s your favorite marketmilk tool and how do you use it?

I usually start trading from hours of 8am london open, please what’s your favorite marketmilk tool and how do you use it?

I don’t use it. I literally look at the overall direction and which way price moves, then get in on which direction I think it will go for the next little move. Wednesday and Friday I am more open to counter trend

U.S session! So around 7-8AM to 5PM Eastern. I don’t look at the charts all day though especially now that I’m just following chart art trades. :slight_smile:

I only use moving average to help strategy. I use them for support/resistance, rather than cross-over stuff. I like to look at volume but really just to gloat over high volumes in a trade that’s going successfully. Otherwise, my charts look like a spiders-web of lines i’ve drawn on myself. I only use diagonal lines. Horizontal lines never seem to help me personally but I know others find them useful.

I usually start trading at 11 am Australian time. I usually trade for 1-2 hours in the morning, when I’m fresh and focused.

I usually intraday trades between 10.15 AM to 2.30 PM (Central European Time)

I trade when my system show signals to trade. So don’t have a specific time

I trade for 2 or 3 hours in a day.