Trading Journal Entries


I’m going to be writing down my thoughts about trades and I’ll see where it leads me.

I plan on shorting the EUR/USD for a 1:1 R-R, then I intend on going long when price reaches around the TP zone, or if there’s some confluence that the market wants to trend up.
What I’ll be using to trade: Price action, Supply and Demand, RSI, MA, Fibo.
TP: 180 Pips
SL: 180 Pips
(Most of my trades will be 1:1 because I like giving my positions room to breathe. Having wide Stop losses means absolute loss for me that is. There will be some cases where it could be 1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, but that’s only if there’s some evidence to indicate otherwise. There will be some cases where it’s reversed for example: TP: 50 pips SL: 100 pips. It depends)

How am I feeling about this trade?
I feel a little anxious, but because I’m feeling anxious about this trade I’ll probably place a small position in or not enter at all and wait for a new trade. It’s not the end of the world if I can’t get in one trade.

Happy Trading,

Its good to log what you’re doing and why. It would be so useful to understand the reasoning - for us right now and possibly for you later down the line to be able to see why you set entry price here, SL here and TP here.

Hi mate - Welcome in

I can see some logic in that trade.

Do you want us to make comments on the trade or not ?

All the best


Be careful. Your trepidation may be justified. It has just bounced off support and may have some upside potential. I’m watching this pair too. I took the short this past Tue at 1.1334 down to 1.1224 and decided to move to cash until it shows its hand on Monday or Tuesday.