Trading journal excel

I’m trying to put together an excel template that I can use as both a trading journal and all other trading info for my plans in a week or month etc. I want something that I may be able to also attach screenshots of specific charts to too.

I want to have an area where I can do a small write up of my expectations for the pair on any given pair and include info on trades that I will consider and have taken with all stats I can input like targets % earned per trade or period etc.

Please can someone point me in the right direction where I may find or purchase a professional template that I might be able to use or copy some details from.

Are you familiar with constructing basic worksheets and various spreadsheet functions? Are you able to edit and adapt worksheets to meet your own purposes?

I am not sure if excel spreadsheets are the most suitable format for all your requirements but at least for trade logging and analysis and stats it is OK. I have some stuff that I have built and use myself that you are welcome to have but I really dont know how to send files to you via this site.

Hi Manxx,
I would be more than grateful for anything you can send me, I will PM you my email address if you could send it at your convenience.

I am ok with excel with basic formulas but what I am after I know I can’t create myself.
Like us all I’m just trying to make my trading journey easier and gain that small edge anywhere especially by improving my efficiency and being more organised.


There is also another thread containing an excel spreadsheet that you can perhaps use bits of at:

Hi Daboss,
Got it and replied to you, let me know if it arrives and we can take a look at what might be useful for you. (I tried to PM you but it was not allowed, I think maybe there is a min posts limit before PMs work?)

@ manxx Thanks, email sent.