Trading Journal - PriceAction/Structure Scalping

Hey Guys,

I want to share nearly my Trades of the Day with some analyse to help other getting better and better :slight_smile: my Basic Strategy works in lower Timeframes, m1, m3, m15 and needs PA with Orderblocks, Sweep Highs and Lows :slight_smile:

So it could work for swing Trader too but i only love shortterm. Have fun!


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Today was a boring Market in most Majors so i looked in special Pairs too if i get something good :slight_smile: and i found it on #NZDCHF

Here u can see my plan, the OB holds, the market didn’t give a new HH so i could start taking Entry with a RRR of 1:3 (mostly my basic RRR) It went instant in my direction, timing was good and movement too

After this strong move i decided to set the SL BE and relaxing.

And that was probably the Mistake today, i could saved 1:2 with half of the Position and the Rest BE cause look how it went

After all it went BE and took me out.

Positiv : Atfer BE it went into SL so i didn’t loose

Negatif: The lower High should changed my plan to taking 1:2 and set the rest of the position on BE. Next time more careful what the Market structure tell

And sorry for my bad English, my native Language is German :smiley:

Have a great Weekend

Cheers Alex

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Thanks for sharing and explaining your strategy!

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What are the green and red bars at the bottom of your charts?

This bars show me the overall Trend from candles in H1/H4 as i need sometimes for easier orientation