Trading Journal

Decided to start my trading journal here.

GBPUSD is seeing recovery against the USD. Price has broken the upper boundary of the channel on the 4 hour chart.

Entered Long at 1.18492

TP: 1.21421
SL: 1.17362


Good job on starting a journal! Keep it coming!
Do you focus on breakouts? How do you usually trade?

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Just updating that I’m still on this trade. In hindsight, I should have waited for clear confirmation that it will hold as a level of support before entering my trade.


I wasn’t able to update but I hit my TP after almost being stopped out. I was looking for another entry after confirmation that price would bounce at the 1.19195 area but I second guessed myself and missed my entry.


Looking to enter a long if support holds at around 1.21150.

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Good job! Did you place a wide SL?

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Not really.


USDJPY is moving in a descending channel and may retest the upper boundary of the channel on the 4 hour chart. If price breaks the upper boundary I am expecting a retest of the next resistance level.

Entered Long at 131.589

TP 1: 134.445
TP 2: 137.152
SL: 129.899

oh ok cool

I got stopped out on my long trade last week.

USDJPY is still moving in a descending channel on the 4 hour chart. Price retested support and held.

Entered long at 128.207

TP: 131.537
SL: 126.780

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My TP got hit for my USDJPY Long.

Still trading USDJPY on the 4 hour chart.

Entered long at 128.088

TP: 131.537
SL: 126.502

My TP got hit for my USDJPY long. I was supposed to get out as it was moving sideways last week but decided to stay in the trade.

Now looking at going long. Price has broken out of the descending channel in the 4 hour chart and it seems to be holding its support.

Went long on USDJPY and TP got hit. I expected price to hit 132 again.

Entered at: 130.960

TP: 132.657
SL: 129.171

Look like you have many trades that hit your target. It’s nice.
Which lot size you you trade with USDJPY?

I usually trade micro lots.


I’ve been looking for a USDJPY entry but it didn’t retrace to my targets. I’m still currently watching the pair for this week.

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Went long on USDJPY again and TP got hit. Entered at 134.629 on confirmation that price was holding.

TP: 136.051
SL: 132.565

Still watching the pair this week to look for another entry to go long.

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Looking to go short on USDJPY. Price is retesting the upper boundary of the downward channel on the 4 hour chart. I will enter on confirmation that price holds.