TRADING JOURNEY: Turn $200 into $20,000 in FOREX Trading

Hello and Welcome,

I’m a newbie here!

Today, I would like to share my goals and plans in my FX Trading life journey.

My goal is turn my $297 initial capital into $20,000. I don’t have set of schedule or deadline when to complete this as long as I will achieve my goal. Never mind the draw down %, any withdrawals that being made in the futures since this is a goal and to motivate to some novice or even experienced traders.

My trading style is all Manual trading, no EA or Robots software to use. Everything is Manual trading with both Technical and Fundamental analysis method.

I believe in myself that trading success does not take an advanced degree in finance or some super secret trading system or any EA and robots software. All I needed is an effective yet simple trading method to achieve my goal.

To monitor this trading journey , please visit Myfxbook monitoring site below

Turn $200 into $20,000 - T2 System by MarketChameleon | Myfxbook

I will update this thread weekly and post some updated results.

I would like to welcome any comments, opinions and questions below that you may have. Thank you!

Have a good weekend ahead everyone.

I just wanna update this Trading journey to everyone who are following my goal. I got 23% gains within this week and not bad for the start up. Please see the updated performance below

Turn $200 into $20,000 - T2 System by MarketChameleon | Myfxbook

Thank you everyone and see next week. Happy trading everyone! Thank you!

Good luck!

Thank you TC Holland!