Trading Log

It seems as if one of the most important tools for a trader is a “trading log.” I’m wondering if most of you keep a log and if so how do you record them. Pen/paper, software, text file,… I know most trading programs keep an automatic log. Is this how most people keep up with their trades?


I also use MS Word for my journal. Not only should you record your trades and all the technical info but also your feelings about the trade and whatever else is going through your head at those moments. Make it personal, not just numbers.

I keep logs. When you’re beginning, it is very important for your development. As rwcjunglist suggested, tracking your thinking is as important as tracking the numbers. What did you choose to do [U]and[/U] why? As far as the format, do what you’re most comfortable with. You may wish to consider recording your numbers on a spreadsheet for easy analysis and attach notes for reviewing the thought process. I try not to make a second job out of record keeping. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Trading takes enough concentration without worrying about being a market historian. Good luck.

Hi There will this do


Oooohhh…that’s fancy! I like it. Do you have this attachment posted somewhere?