Trading news session

I’m going to share with you some news trade

Here is the demo that I’m going to conduct live trades on


I don’t like trading NFP…been stung before.

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What is your strategy?

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Hi gerwinjohn ,
I also got stung on several occassions in trading news on my real account . but I’m trying to be right about it . I’m using classic analaysis and bit from every thing studied from before . I hope that I reach 6 out of 10 trades it will be success to me .

After 65 minutes there is usd news

yeaa I experienced that the hard way. You have to be really careful when trading nfp

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I bet you’re right , I hope luck stood by my side until those trades done

My suggestion to trade news is to pick the related pairs, up to six of them (because that’s all I can watch on my monitor), make you best informed quess to the News Bias, then place up to three boxed Stop trades at 1/4 the daily ATR in the direction your selected Bias.

As a risk management practice, I will close any open trades when the volume is gone for that even. I also suggest treating each news event as one trade, it may have many trades included in the over scheme of things but all together its one trade. When it’s over close and move on, do not gamble on overtrading.

Attached is my NFP trading for this mornings 30 minutes.

NFP 8amCST Closed out

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Hello midwest,
Mostly I do the same but I keep some trades
open for some time

Kewl I will close them if I’m leaving like today for snow removal exercises ot if the opens are on the wrong side of the major trend.

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Still trade open

50 minutes from now we have GBP news

Recently I came up with advance breakthrough in trading news , I have confident from now on we’re going to see quality trading done .

I’m going to open some trades in this demo , follow my trades

I open long trade on gbp/usd and so far so good the trade going fine

Isn’t trading news very risky??