Trading on the go - free virtual private server

If you’ve traded a bit, you’ll know that the mobile options (MT4 for mobile) is sufficient to open and close trades, but do not give you access to your indicators, expert advisors etc.

The solution ? Get a VPS (virtual private server) which will give you access to your normal MT4 platform…on your smart phone. Have a look at this - totally free for 12 months through Amazon Web services.

That must have been what all those people I saw in the doctors office were doing. 12 people; 12 people doing something on cell phones. Good news is we’ve come along way in my 60+ years on earth. . .when I was a kid there would have been 12 people smoking (including the doctor)

Lol! In general I am not a big fan of trading on any of my mobile devices. I prefer to analyze my trades on a big screen. I don’t even bother checking the trade on my mobiles. When I am away from my trading terminal I have other things to do and enjoy the pips I earn every week. Those who can’t stand the fact to be away for a few hours do something wrong in my opinion.

True, there are times where I may miss a report because I am out pipping away but if that one report will mess up your entire trading account then your set-up was wrong to start with.