Trading on the Meta4 platform

I just got to the lesson in babypips explaining how to trade on the meta4 platform. When attempting to modify an order on the platform, I’m instructed to click on the trade button, however in the instructional video the platform is operating on a different screen than the one currently being displayed on my demo screen. And there’s no instructions as to how to get to that particular screen, since the screen I’m currently viewing has no trade button to click on. The screen that’s being displayed has 4 charts up including the one I’m trading on, and the video is showing a single screen that has the trade button in the bottom left corner.

To modify an order, double click the open trade record in the terminal. By default, this should be in the trade tab at the bottom of the platform. You can also right click the deal record and select the modify option from the pop up menu.

The platform is customizable. You can have multiple chart windows open at the same time or one on the whole screen. This does not hinder your ability to modify a deal.

I’ve tried doing different things, but I’m not getting anywhere. This platform isn’t very user friendly. I’m trying to navigate around on the platform but I can never seem to get back to where I was. You’re telling me to double click on the open trade terminal, I’m not sure what you mean. But double clicking anywhere on this platform isn’t getting me anywhere.

Perhaps if you post a screen shot of your platform I can direct you.

Mt4 is very user friendly, you just need to get familiar with it.

exactly how do I post a screen shot on this forum?

Drag the image in to the reply.

Drag the image into reply? You have totally lost me, I have no clue how to go about doing this. I have meta up on my laptop and I’m on babypips using my tablet. I was hoping babypips could walk me through using the meta4 platform step by step.

You can probably find step by step video tutorials on YouTube.

I thought I could provide you with quick help to modify an open deal. You can find a video tutorial about that on YouTube too.

Without seeing what state your platform is in I’m going blind.

Post the screen shot from your laptop…

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Yeah I tried you tube, their step by step isn’t step by step, nor is babypips when it comes to trying to navigate around the platform as a newby

Yeah mt4 is not user friendly. I’ve recently learnt it for the first time. What exactly are you trying to do?

To modify your trade you can right click on the open trade in terminal window and you will get the option of modify. You can open multiple charts simultaneously and you can also enable One click trading tab to place the trades.

That’s the whole problem, dont know what a trade terminal is nor do I know where to look for it.


This is the terminal window , you can check your trades here.

Ok so how do I find it, because i dont see it when I launch the platform

On the top toolbar, you will see the “view” tab and In “view” tab you will be able to see the “terminal” option just click on it or you can press Ctrl + T.The terminal window will open.

I’m not sure if you’re using a different version, but there is no terminal option under the view tab. By the way, can you tell me if stop orders and limit orders are one and the same?

A limit order is visible to the market and instructs your broker to fill your buy or sell order at a specific price or better. A stop order isn’t visible to the market and will activate a market order once a stop price has been met.

Thank you so much, I’m almost done with the course and I still feel just as lost as the day I began

Don’t worry! you will learn eventually. just start with demo trading, it will help you to understand more about trading.

Good Luck!

Thank you Amber, appreciate it.

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