Trading over statement from central banks

last night, i was hit again by statement in FOMC. how do you trade, do you close your position or keep it open?
i was expecting interest rate to rise but turn out the other way. the data before the fomc statement seems positive for fed to be hawkish. but again, it turn out not as good as it seems.

Best to keep away from the market whenever fundamental releases are due. Reason, regardless of the news, the market can move in both directions before shooting onto either side. At such times keep off from trading and let the prop systems pick out the direction before entry.

so to an extent to close position even at a loss…?

I agree 100% with GRIX FX. I spoke to this currency analyst and he closes any open trades by NY close no matter what. He’s a scalper. I spoke to another day trader and he said depending on the situation he closes or moves his stop loss and lets it run so market can do its work. Now to help you even less, I did it on a demo one time it worked and the second time it didn’t.

Just go ahead and close it. You will live to trade another day men.

I do not trade economic news releases or central banks statements. Closing a position at a loss is not a bad thing as losing is part of trading.