Trading partner

Looking for a trading partner

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What are you offering, and what does the trading partner need to demonstrate?

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Could you be more specific, please?

Aren’t we all trading buddies here? :wink:


Lots of people here will freely share their strategies, tips, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, position details, etc. etc.

You won’t get money out of them but you can get an answer to almost any trading question.

I looked at your avatar which says:
Serious Traders Only
Actually know how to trade or have a skillset.

After participation in this forum for 2 years I have yet to meet any members who are NOT serious about trading, as a pursuit that may contribute to their income in future.

As for knowing how to trade, I think all but the most recent members have actually gone through the motions of placing a trade, Forex or otherwise. And all seem to have a skillset - if not for Forex yet, related to their main income earning pastime (job or business).

Can you be more specific, and assume we are all serious. And again, if you are seeking a partner, what aspect of that partnership are you able to deliver that is difficult to come by from any other member of this forum?

Sorry to be pedantic, but “if I had a pound for everyone who said they wanted a partner, I’d be a millionaire”


I don’t know if people partner up through Babypips but there’s constant analysis in other threads here.
People share their strategies TA and other helpful information here just takes sometime to find the right threads

Are you a beginner as well, or have a fund or something?

Did you take a long vacation, or give up on “serious business partners”?

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I literally lol’d at this Mondeoman :rofl:
I wonder how many accounts literally go ghost after 1 post :thinking:

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What are you looking for?

Probably a lot more now that real financial trouble looks like it is on the rise