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Anyone here new to forex? but want to do this full time? I have been testing and experimenting forex for the past 2 years full time night and day. I have now come up with a unique trading strategy that have worked repeatedly for the past 2 months. I am claiming that with this strategy, you can double your account every 2 weeks. However, sometime, I go crazy, trading outside the system, sabotaging my own trades, exist early when I have a target etc. All these mistakes are psychological and I believe can be fixed by having a trading partner.

I am therefore looking for someone who live and trade in Birmingham, UK to be a partner.

I will teach you my method. I will trade in real time to prove to you this method works and that it can double the account in 2weeks. Once you see for yourself that this method really works and you learn my method, then we can start trade together, full time. You can set up your own account and I have my. We analyse the charts together, but we trade using our own accounts and money.

I am not selling anything here, just looking for a trading partner. Anyone who has been trading for a while will know that having the perfect trading strategy does not guarantee results if your mentality is not right. Ive been trading alone, it gets bored, I look at the charts for far too long, I start seeing things in the charts that are not there, I start talking to myself and sometime I talk myself into trades I shouldn’t be getting myself into. I do believe having a trading partner to help with all this. Hence why Im here.

Anyone interested let me know

Interesting concept , doubling small accounts is easy but once the numbers increase the game is so much harder and near impossible to do every 2 weeks so be careful once your account grows


With such an impressive trading performance I’m sure you will get a partner and I bet that a lot of traders on this site would also be interested in you strategy.

Good luck


I live in the U.S. but I’m interested in knowing more about your strategy. Since you’re not selling anything, would you mind outlining your strategy here in the forum? Or, you may IM me if you wish. I shall try it out and, if it shows merit, I’m willing to partner with you.

Yes, I am concern about this. I have been growing the account from £500 to £8000
. But bigger, I am not there yet. Not sure how this will be affected. But I have noticed the commissions is a little more, the higher the lot. I might try a demo account doing the exact same thing and see if there is any difference from the brokerage side.

I am looking for a partner to trade together. Having a partner, I believe will improve my trading, that is my gain in this. But I cannot share my strategy, as it took me 2 years solid testing it. I need a partner that live local to me

I understand. Good luck to you and may you and your partner profit handsomely. :slight_smile:

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It is more the mental side and dealing with the emotions , I can be over £1000 offside in seconds with my size and it plays hell with you. Takes a long time to dial that down as your pain threshold at the start will make you grab at profits, this is something a demo cannot teach as there is no real risk. Keep the position sizes down till this is overcome

The mental side is as hard as learning/understanding and implementing a trading strategy. Sometime I can do the perfect week, and it takes 1 silly mistake, and you can slip and go crazy, and trade like a mad man and lose all you earn in1 week in 1 day. I tried everything, meditation and just practicing. But it would be nice if there was a live chat room where traders can chat in real time this would be helpful. discuss trades, etc and also helps with boredom of trading alone.

Ive tried a few facebook chat, but its full of ppl selling ■■■■ and chating ■■■■ and not really trading. A chat room full of full time traders discussing trades together would be great.

No selling or signals in my group not allowed , get kicked out straight away. Its just a bunch of guys having a chat and listening to bad music

Its pretty cool, im sure you will get a partner

im from the US but i am new on trading. Can anybody put me in the right direction, im open for partner ships as well.

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This tells me that one or more of the following is probably true:

  • You’re risking too much per trade
  • Your Reward to Risk ratio is low
  • Your Win Rate is low
  • Your strategy involves scalping against the prevailing trend

If you can figure out which of the above applies then you can seek to make a change and you will see better and more consistent results.

I think you misunderstood me. After I make a mistake, e.g not analysing a trade correctly and taking all my rules into account and then entering a losing trade from this or existing too early and not capitalising fully on a winning trade. These are my common mistakes.

Many time I set a take profit at 2:1, when it reaches 1 win, I would manually exist the trade. I have logs to prove 99% of my winning trades go on to win minimum 2:1. I can see for myself that if I leave these trades to ride out, I would win a lot more in a week. I’d even have on my screensaver in massive red font ‘minimum take profit 2:1’ so I can see it every time I look at the screen. But I would still exist early. Dont know why! and I cant seem to fix it.

If (and this is a big if) execute my trades correctly according to my rules that I have set out in my trading plan, I would be winning lots. My main problem is psychological. My trading plan is fine, on days and weeks that I stick to the plan, I win. Sometime i get sarges where I cant control myself, I lose. The worst thing is, I keep log of all my trades, and it tells me 2 things. 1. If I keep to my trading plan I win, 2. many of the losses id incurred were because I didnt trade within my trading plan- and most of then was from chasing loses or getting pissed over something.

I tried meditation. Now I am trying to find a trading partner, I am trying anything to help stay in control. If I do that I will cut down on my loses.

Anybody from a PA who would like to form a team?