Trading performance statistics


Would you mind sharing your current tracking system for your trades and performance statistics? Refer to the articles here. I am using Oanda as the broker at the moment and their transaction history looks too ‘raw’ to have this summarised info. Thinking of doing it in Excel but it would take manual inputs each time a trade is triggered or changed, thus being very time-consuming.


Are you using Oanda’s MT4? Or their proprietary platform?

I’m using MT4 only for charting, main trades through FxTrade

Hi everyone!

I had the same problem and did not want to use excel anymore so I am currently testing software called InformationSystem from LorencSoftware and it looks quite good.
However I trade with Dukascopy and don´t know if it can be used with Metatrader.
Sorry, can´t include link, am new and don´t have 5 posts yet :slight_smile:

Did anyone check it out or does anyone use it?


Thanks for the recommendation. It doesn’t seem to work with FxTrade from Oanda.

Do you have any simple process to track this, say through excel?

I really like all the metrics you get from

Plus if you are studying a new strategy and tweaking rules, you can easily recalculate the metrics by date range.

Works with any MT4 broker including Oanda fxTrade (or MT4), if you trade in 1000 unit increments.

Hi Dusk,

How do you make fxbook work with Oanda FxTrade? When i set up a new account, the only choice i get are MT4(s).


The software looks great and it’s free! May I know how I can add my Oanda fxTrade in? Notice they indicate we can link to that platform also
Another question on privacy, since the softward provided by other broker, is it safe?

Im using oanda and it seems fxbook does not support oanda. You can create a account with mt4 enabled in oanda, then setup fxbook from the mt4 though.

Has anyone tried the InformationSystem software I talked about above? Any ideas about the functionality? I am testing the free trial and have to say it looks really good so far.
But any feedback from traders who use it would be good. How you use it, is it good, etc.


This articles might be useful for all of you, reviews of some social network/trading journal software

Market Leder – FxStat, Currensee or MyFxBook?

It seems only currensee supports FxTrade for Oanda but they asked for my password and login, I decided to turn it down.

Any recommendation on any trading performance statistics software? Possible any Excel template or simple tracking system you guys have would be of great help. Thanks a bunch


If you are using softwards like MyFBook, FxStat or Currensee, can you share any security issues with them? Seems they have access to all our accounts information?

I heard about those sites but there is no way I would sent them my broker login and password.
As I see it, that is a huge security risk and I would guess that sooner or later that could be a big problem.

True that. That’s why I guess those accounts there are mostly if not all demos to attract noobs with foolish trading results. I would never share my broker credentials with anybody or anything.

And they are mostly used for signal providing such as Zulutrade and other sites which I don´t think adds any value to trading…in my opinion it mostly sells dreams and generates people who lost their risk capital.
Making living from FOREX or any other kind of trading has never been and never will be easy…only hard work pays off, period.

Myfxbook supports oanda fxtrade now and they indicate that they only access readonly info.


I like myfxbook for analysis