Trading Plan

For all disciplined Traders. A trading plan is a must and being 100% committed to it also.
Writing a trading plan can be a difficult task. This thread is to answer any questions and to provide examples or links to Trading plans.

Hi DRobs,

Here’s a nice one from the (superb) Forex Price Action thread: 301 Moved Permanently


DRobs, we have a terrible reputation for knocking newbies that come straight on here offering advice from the off, there are so many that come on here doing that and disappearing after a few garbled posts.

Why don’t you introduce yourself and give us some idea of where you’re coming from, so you can get off on the right footing.

I am a Baby Pips School Graduate. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been trading for around 2 years.
This is my first thread, the goal of the thread is to get everyone to submit answers and questions.

So please ‘purplepatchforex’ what is your experience with trading plans, any recommendations?

Well I can talk about my trading plan. It is broken up in to several sections, including: trading review, money management, markets to trade, set ups, screenshots of the set ups as examples, trade management and the criteria for which those management techniques can be used again with screenshots, goals, areas to improve, new techniques and how to evaluate them, weekly and monthly recap worksheets/spreadsheets, daily pre market prep and daily trading debrief and of course my spreadsheets and journals. The journaling includes both technical and psychological factors. if you include my rules, my journals my spreadsheets, basically everything i have written myself about my own trading you have over 200 pages of documents. Some call me anal, but i can look up any trade i have ever taken find out: why i took it, when i took it, what was the market sentiment at the time, what was my frame of mind, what external market factors may have existed and the outcome.

how long did it take to put that together?

Tell me more about the screenshots for set ups?

It would be nice if you start first to tell us about your trading plan…