Trading Platform for Mac

Hello there,
I was wondering what is the best trading platform for Mac?
Im having issues downloading MetaTrader5.



Hi Joe. Unfortunately there is a dearth of Mac based trading software. MotiveWave runs natively on the Mac. It’s a Java based platform. I tried it sometime ago but did not like it too much. Your experience may be different should you wish to try it.

I currently use Multicharts installed via Parallels Desktop, which is a MS Windows emulator. Multicharts is buggy but it’s the best I have found.

Both MotiveWave and Multicharts are paid softwares ($1200 - $1500 approx). If you like MT5 and you’re located outside the U.S. then you can still install it via Parallels ($79). You will also need a license for MS Windows (any version 7 and up should work). I have a copy of MT5 installed on my Mac but in the U.S. MT5 does not connect to any brokers so I cannot use it. I believe that Oanda will be proving an MT5 connector soon but no ETA was available.

Hey thanks for the response.

Wow its not looking good then…

Hopefully there is way around it!


Setup your Mac to dual boot windows and Mac OS then use MT4



@ForexJoe46… Just got to look for it… Links to the MT4.dmg / MT5.dmg above.