Trading platform for Samsung Tab 10.1

I was wondering if anyone can give me tips on the best trading platform, app or something along that line for trading on a samsung tab?

So far the ones that i have come across are grossly inadequate if bench marked with mt4 run on windows.

My main needs are the ability to draw lines that should show up when i change time frames, be able to zoom in and out of charts and have periodic markers.

So far the apps and platforms that i have come up with is so inadequate to my trading needs.

Any pointers will be deeply appreciated.

Im fiddling with oandas app.

Thumbs down for in ability to draw trendlines and max time frame is 1 day. I need to see weekly and monthly too.

Hi Nikita

Try Trade Interceptor. It has a lot of technical tools and can chart from 1 min to monthly.

Happy new year

i personally like fxcm mobile platform

All mobile platforms are lacking. I personally use a vps & rdp in using iPad

Trade interceptor is the best so far. It has certain advantages to my style of trading.

Yep, Trade Interceptor is the one that I am using at the moment.

Trade interceptor is great on sam tab 10.1 (using on note)

Also, FXCM trading station app is good.

MT4 app is ok

Got to see what broker you are with and what they provide, most of the app based trading platforms are lacking in one way or another. FXCM are updating their app and have done so in the past on feedback from customers using it.

Trade interceptor seems to have the most functions at the moment and works well with FXCM account but I still end up using the trading station II app because I got used to it and dont really do to much trading in the end from the tablet. Most of the analaysis is done on PC so know most levels im looking for prior to using the app.

Hi Getty, how does it work between interceptor and fxcm live account? I didn’t found anything on their websites at all. Really like interceptor platform, shame their android platform doesn’t work for some reason. Otherwise I would use theirs.