Trading Platforms -

I am testing some trade platforms with demo accounts in order to choose one to start a live account., and, while trying I noticed a significant delay between my selling (or buying) order (several seconds, or total server connection lost), resulting in loosing profits or even piling losses… I tested it yesterday and today, same problems. Problems occured on around 20% of the transactions. Considering a single server failure can have appalling results on one’s money, 10 server failures is absolutely catastrophic (fortunately it was virtual money)… Does anyone trades on this platform and ever noticed the same problems?

i have also noticed this lag when closing a trade ( Sometimes i have needed to get out of a bad trade and get as close to my entry level as possible. A few seconds delay in execution can turn a profit into a loss. I realise that high volatility can impact on execution. Is this really something we have to live with? Does this happen to everyone?