Trading protocol FIX on custom hardware

I am new to the forum, but not new to trading.
I have been on and off learning for the past few years. So you could say i like to dabble.

Recently i have been looking at how machine learning can benefit in the search for a great automated trading algorithm. As an electronics engineer i decided i might try this using FPGA and Microcontrollers as opposed to using the likes of MT4/MT5 etc.

There is a very obvious step that needs to be looked at however, and that is the getting of chart data from the broker as well as executing trade orders, presumably using FIX API.

This is the area in which i am struggling to find any useful information on. Essentially what i would like to do is have a standalone piece of hardware able to talk to the broker without the use of any “software” such as MT4/MT5/Ctrader etc.

Has anyone done this with either a standalone application or hardware and have some insight into how you would connect to the broker without trading specific software.

Thanks in advance.

hi, basically, you want to create trading terminal but is it worth it? ML is everywhere right now, you can create algos under mentioned terminals. Regards Greg

You are correct. you can indeed create algos using previously mentioned terminals. But i dont want too.
metaquotes language is something of its own and relies soley on being able to run on MT for example.

Im not sure i would be creating a trading terminal as such, although you may be right. What I envisage is a black box of sorts, connected to an ethernet port that is gathering data and using it to place trades. It would have a configurable strategy but not to the extent you could using a GUI.

The upside, for me anyway, is that this box would just do the job its tasked to do. I dont need a computer running software, or a VPS etc.

under terminals means strategies works in MT but not create and test in MT, google will give you some results. So you want to create AI which trade on the market, it is still necessary some kind of “engine” which will process data, send and receive transactions. Profitable AI trade on the market is very hard to create and use but it is your choice :slight_smile:

I have (and are still doing) this with Oanda. I opened up a demo account which gave me access to their API and by using C# it was easy to request candlesticks from them.