Trading room...New discovery, solution to my problem?

Hey guys and gals,

I found something that I thought I’d share with you. As some of you must realize if you’ve seen any of my previous postings one of the problems I’ve been having since starting this whole forex business is learning to trade profitably without blowing my account in the learning process (something I lose sleep over lol). I’ve tried to find a mentor so I could avoid that, to no avail so far. Well, my best friend, Jane, felt similarly and she suggested I try this site FX Trading - Forex Trading Room (she was too scared to try). I haven’t been able to find reviews about them and as with all things forex I’m a little wary to say the least.Yesterday, feeling a little frustrated and more spontaneous than usual I bit the bullet and decided to take the 7 day trial.

Although I’ve only just finished one day with them, I’m optimistic that this will help me gain insight much faster than I would have otherwise. It seems like a good opportunity to learn from someone who’s gained true experience. The head trader is an ex Wall. St. trader, not sure how much that accounts for and apparently he actually trades his own funds (which is refreshing to see!).

It’s nice being able to follow the exact trades of a pro trader. I’ll let you guys know how it goes, so far so good :slight_smile: Has anyone else ever dealt with a trading room?

there trial cost more than the regular membership:15: If they were that good they would offer free for 7 days and also there websilte looks like a free template and very poorly done.

Hello (you and I ‘long time no speak’ johnnykanoo).

I had a look at their website because all of a sudden I have an uneasy feeling about a certain poster.

They’re brilliant if you ask me!!! Sign up for a $49 trial and, well, no matter whether they give you absolute garbage or something worthwhile, they’ve got their $49!!! LOL!!!

MORE than one sucker is born every day it would seem (and I’ve a feeling I’ve just been taken for one of them). Let’s see how much more ‘free advertising’ this crowd gets!!! If I’m wrong on this: I’ll explain further and apologise but I’ve feeling that neither is going to be necessary!!! LOL!!!



A trial with charges? Sounds suspicious to me. Trials are usually for free. The reason is that you can check it and if you like what you see you can then pay later. Though, most of the services put more energy to make up their trials to get all the customers and you can save the fee at all and not joining, lol.

Then, not everybody can become a billionaire while trading forex. If this business is not the right thing for you, then I’d rather suggest to earn your money with something else than paying money for services.

This business, like any business, is not something for everybody. Any highly successful business is nothing for followers in the long run. You have to work hard. Much harder than just working in your job. Or to compare it with sports: There are a lot of players and they do it for hobby. They buy nice clothes for it and everything and they are not bad at all. So, there is nothing wrong to do it for fun. But only a very few can make reasonable money with playing in sports. And they have to work hard for that, too. Whatever becomes your serious business has much more to do with working hard and disciplined than having fun. Not to say it makes no fun, but not as much, as you would just use it for a hobby and money wouldn’t matter.

Hi guys,

I know how that posting may appear and I can see what you’re getting at Dale. The truth is that I’ve come to value your opinions and I was truly curious to see if anyone here had used a trading room in the past. It may not have been my smartest move to join, I had several alarm bells ringing in my mind while doing it, and it wasn’t my first instinct to post on what I felt could be a really dumb move, for everyone to see.

But as I said, I was feeling a little more prone to taking risks a few days ago and I can’t say that I regret it yet. 49$ in the grand scheme of things isn’t a very large sum of money and the guys have been nothing but helpful to me so far. Yes, trials are usually free but I think the reason that they aren’t doing that yet is because they’re a newer company maybe?(That would explain the poorly executed wordpress template too :P).

All I can say is that even though it looks pretty shifty as a whole, the idea behind the site is very good and the two head traders(they have one for two separate sessions) I’ve chatted with have been very helpful so far. Not sure how much of the information is freely available(I’m sure most or all of it) but having it presented during the course of live trades made it easier to understand for me.

Heck, if it’s a waste, I’m ready to accept it but I thought it would be worth a shot!

Good morning,

Well on a personal note let me say this: I personally would be very dissapointed if you were affiliated with them given the interaction that we have had on these forums. On the other hand and if you ARE affiliated with them: then you’ve done a better job of ‘getting in’ than most forums spammers (if you’re ever looking for a ‘job’ then PM me) i.e. you’ve at least managed to ‘get in’ with all of us without it being obvious and that takes SOME doing!!! LOL!!!

But let’s assume (hope) I’m wrong on the above.

If that’s the way that you wish to go: I really do wish you well. There are many ways of making money in this business and who am I to say that MY way is the ‘right’ way. If my opinion is worth anything to you though (and at the risk of being ‘shouted at’ ONCE AGAIN by MY beloved broker AND ‘shooting MYSELF in the foot’): I’d FAR RATHER that you had opened a micro account with IBFX ($100) and given me and my trading systems (or anybody elses for that matter) a chance than pay anybody for a TRIAL for crying out aloud!!! And in case anybody thinks this message is strange coming from me: no I have NOTHING to do with IBFX other than that I believe them to ALSO be one of the VERY few OTHER reliable and honest and reputable brokers and there’s no point in my ‘shoving Deltstock down your throat’ if you don’t have $1 000 or more to open an account. Although Deltastock does allow you to open an account with $100 you CANNOT manage your risk on the daily charts with only $100 given the minimum tradeable lot size. So there you have it. If I solicit clients for Deltastock I want ‘stayers for the long run’ not commissions on a few pathetic $1 trades and then a ‘wipeout’ because it means that I then have to go and find ANOTHER client to ‘fill the gap’ and Deltstock’s business model is NOT built on having to constantly recruit new clients monthly in order to keep things ‘churning’. I also believe that Oanda now offers MetaTrader 4 (and I can only assume, based on what I know of them, that they also offer ‘nano’ lots i.e. 100 units on their new MetaTrader 4 offering) but I’ve not bothered to see how it’s going for them.

And on the subject of MetaTrader 4 I will, and yes this IS a ‘punt’ and an OBVIOUS one at that (I don’t try to ‘hide’ things), be releasing the indicator package for one, possibly two, but the best of, my trading systems of choice, for Deltastock MetaTrader 4, sometime this week. But don’t get TOO hopeful i.e. I have gone to GREAT lengths to ensure that they will ONLY work with Deltastock MetaTrader 4 (hence my delay in releasing them). While I may be a GREAT guy I’m not in the business of helping traders to become profitable at OTHER brokers!!! LOL!!!

Anyway, and as I said before, I hope it works out for you but, well, you have MY take on these things (signal services, investment schemes, unrealistic returns, blah, blah, blah)!!! LOL!!!




For what I know there are at least 2 free trading rooms, one skype and one in bp and both are without testimonials of success. English is not my native language so maybe that’s the reason why I do not understand sentence “trial for only 49.99” is it a word play?

For oanda I am pretty sure that their mt4 has micro lots and java platform nano lot, but I may be mistaken. And it is very easy to trade of one platform and chart from another.

PS Dale do you check your forum?

Hi Rokas1989,

Yep: I check my forums all day every day but there are no discussions going on there (I think people are scared of me or something)!!! LOL!!! Either that or I’ve done SUCH a good job in my explanation of the trading systems presented there that nobody has to ask any questions!!! LOL!!!

To be honest: it’s a bit ‘lonely’ over there hence my continual posting here!!! LOL!!!

But I believe I know what the problem is i.e. it’s because, up until now, the forums are ‘geared’ toward Delta Trading (Deltastock’s proprietary trading platform) and it doesn’t matter HOW hard I try: traders WANT to or HAVE to trade with MT4 for WHAT reason is beyond me. But ‘it is what it is’ (although they don’t know what they’re missing i.e. you cannot even COMPARE MT4 with Delta Trading but, well, it would appear that no amount of my offering FREE assistance and support etc. is going to change things so I may as well ‘get with the MT4 program’ as it were)!!! LOL!!!

Of course: it would also appear that no matter HOW ‘technically justifiable’ my argument of trading equity futures and commodities vs. spot FOREX is concerned traders WAT to or HAVE to trade spot FOREX so I guess I may as well ‘get with the spot FOREX program’ as well!!! LOL!!! It’s a pity. Either way I make money. The big question is: how much money is the client going to make (or lose)??? I’ve attempted to set up a sort of ‘you win I win’ concept but, well, as the old saying goes: ‘you can take a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink’!!! LOL!!!

But thanks for asking!!! LOL!!! I have to admit it’s difficult to ‘stay interested’ in my forums given the lack of ‘interaction’ going on there.

And by the way: good English or not you understand 100% correctly the ‘trial for $49’!!! LOL!!! If it was a ‘trial for $49’ and, if not satisfied, after 7 days, then the money would be refunded THEN MAYBE it’s ‘the real deal’, but that is not (apparantely) the case with this crowd so yes it is ‘suspect at best’. Come to think of it: it’s like a broker asking you to open a DEMO account but you have to deposit funds to use it!!! LOL!!!



The only reason I asked because I posted a little bit (under sis section) and was surprised with no response considering your typing speed :). Spot forex has an advantage of capital requirement: any amount is good to start with proper money management, but that’s a whole new discussion in which you probably participated at least once.

In my opinion MT4 is the way to go for most ppl because they start with it and become comfortable. I started with dealbook 360 and considered it superior to mt4, but I hardly doubt that a person looking a dealbook, mt4, or netdania charts has the advantage because it’s the person behind the screen that matters.


Well: you make some good points (regarding the trading platforms). And you’re right: the trading platform REALLY should not matter (although I have seen some PRETTY DARN LOUSY ones in my time too)!!! LOL!!!

I shall ‘mosey on over’ RIGHT NOW to my forums i.e. I had NO idea that anybody had posted. So far as I can tell: the last post made on my forums was my updating of the USD/ZAR chart / trade???

My apologies.



Sounds like you’re pronouncing a death sentence Dale! I haven’t thrown all my eggs in one basket so to speak, this is one avenue I’m exploring! I’m also trading demo with Oanda and MT4(which I like a lot), AND I’ve been looking very curiously at your forum. Sounds like you’re discouraging people from registering for the forum if they’re not going to be using Deltastock! ;which turned me off a little bit. What you say as an introduction is very intriguing though, I’ll be reading it a little more thoroughly in the near future I think if you don’t mind my registering.

Aside from that, I’ve had nothing but good from fxtraderrevealed. The two head traders seem very knowledgeable, they’re helpful and I don’t feel like they just want my money. For $49, I was willing to try it out. I don’t have $1000 to open an account with Deltastock and you yourself drilled into me that I need to manage risk, so there’s no point opening with $100 haha

Good morning Anita V.

No: I am by NO means ‘pronouncing a death sentence’. Just because I PERSONALLY do not know of anyone who has made money out of signal service or on-line trading room DOES NOT mean that it’s not happening SOMEWHERE around the globe. Let’s face it: it’s no different from my presenting my trading systems to everyone as I’m doing on my forums the only difference being that there is no charge and you YOURSELF are responsible for taking the signals generated by the trading systems or not. I guess I could just as easily shut the forums down and ‘tweet’ the same signals generated by the trading systems (those that I take) and charge for such service. But that’s not going to teach you or anyone else anything. And if anything happens to me then what??? Or if I go on one of my ‘drinking binges’ or miss signals (as I’m quite prone to doing of late due to my having to do a lot of admin at the moment) or are ‘not in the mood’ for trading then what??? The point of my forums is to provide a new trader with a few systems that I trade, know to be profitable, and they don’t have to go and get a degree in economics before they can trade profitably. As I said: I like to think it’s my very own little ‘Turtle Experiment’ (and one of these fine days I’m going to reveal to you and the world a REAL ‘Dale Experiment’ that will ‘knock your socks off’ and HOPEFULLY even make me famous and will allow a certain group of people to turn their lives around by trading for a living and I will prove ONCE AND FOR ALL that ‘anyone can trade’ AS LONG AS THEY FOLLOW CERTAIN RULES which we have already discussed ad infinitum)!!!

As far you you being ‘turned off’ of my forums for the reasons given I can understand that. I STARTED to give you a whole PILE of detail here as to my reasoning for ONLY being interested in supporting Deltastock clients but the ‘ins and outs’, after typing a whole bunch of detail, really is irrelevant I think so I decided to give you the ‘short’ (as far as is possible ‘Dale style’ anyway) version!!! LOL!!!

After being ‘raped’ by at least two ‘bucket-shop’ brokers when I started trading five, probably more like six years ago, I found Deltastock by sheer chance (luck???). I started trading with them. Although I kept losing money: at least I was able to open and close orders and not have to contend with my broker ‘pulling moves’. About three years ago I became an Introducing Broker for them (upon my request not theirs) and, obviously, as such, would earn commission on any trades made by clients that I’d solicited on their behalf. About two years ago I offered to provide technical support for them on this site (hence my ‘Broker Representative’ title on this site) simply because I’d spent a LOT of time with the platform and even back then ‘knew it like the back of my own hand’ (and I don’t just mean from a ‘users’ point of view but ‘technically’ given that I’d been in the IT Business most all of my life before deciding to ‘take the bull by the horns’ and trade for a living which is something that I really always wanted to do and finally ‘plucked up the courage’ to close down my rather successful IT Business and ‘pump every last cent’ into this business). About a year ago (maybe a little more): I suggested that they open an office here (in South Africa) given that at the time there were no International On-line FOREX and CFD Brokers that had a local presence here). At the moment: we are in the process of registering with our Financial Services Board (see note below) and once such registration is complete I will head up the office here and be a ‘fully fledged part’ of Deltastock. So right now: that’s where things stand in case anybody has been confused as to my ‘current relationship’ with Deltastock.

So what is OBVIOUS from the above is that I OF COURSE have a FINANCIAL interest in clients opening accounts with Deltastock. There’s no question about that and I don’t believe that there ever HAS been any question about that.

BUT ALL OF THE ABOVE being made public and said: I could have approached ANY broker on the planet and asked to be an Introducing Broker for them. As a matter of fact (and the sheer ‘cheek’ of it): my very first ‘bucket-shop’ broker TO THIS DAY keeps sending me ‘offers’ to become an Introducing Broker for them (they ‘give away’ Introducing Broker ‘Status’ like candy). EVEN IF THEY PAID ME a few thousand dollars per month, commissions aside, to solicit clients for them I’d not take them up on their offer. Why??? Because it’s wouldn’t be a WEEK and I’d have ten irate clients on the phone to me (at best case) or one REAL BIG South African (we’re not ‘small people’) banging down my door to get his hands on me because I’d recommended this ‘bucket-shop’ to them. I would trust Deltastock with the lives of my CHILDREN. Unfortunately (and as I noted to somebody personally yesterday): because I’m ‘involved’ with Deltastock (be it in ANY way, shape, or form) it really doesn’t matter WHAT I say I know that whatever I say is going to be construed as marketing on their behalf and nothing else and that’s unfortunate. But think about this: if I were a salesman for Mercedes Benz or BMW (or worked for Rolls Royce or Ferrari i.e. I think you get the picture) and I told you that the car was good are you not going to believe me (or at least test drive the car) SIMPLY because I happen to be the salesman (or work for the company) and will obviously earn commission on the sale??? No matter WHO is selling those types of cars: they’re luxury vehicles with outstanding reputations. Would I go and sell some ‘el cheapo’ ‘vehicle from the East’??? Definitely not (but that’s just me of course).

And, well, I can already hear the ‘but Deltastock is a Market Maker so they will trade against you’ ‘rantings and ravings’. WRONG AGAIN!!! I don’t think that most people around here know exactly what a Market Maker IS to be honest. Put another way: there is a BIG difference between a ‘bucket-shop’ and a Market Maker. A ‘bucket-shop’ keeps ALL trades ‘in house’. In other words: 100% of trader losses are profits for the ‘bucket-shop’ and 100% of trader profits are losses for the ‘bucket-shop’. A ‘bucket-shop’ capitalizes on the UNFORTUNATE but REAL statistics that MOST traders WILL lose their accounts (purely because of human behavior and nothing else). HOWEVER: with a ‘bucket-shop’, as I’m sure is obvious, it is in their INTEREST for you to lose your money and a ‘bucket-shop’ will go out of their way to ENSURE that trader losses exceed trader profits again for obvious reasons (although, in my opinion, they really don’t need to go to the trouble unfortunately). A Market Maker on the other hand will offset a certain percentage of their risk with another larger Market Maker (and so on and so forth). True: a portion of trades are kept ‘in house’ but the bulk of trades are offset with another larger Market Maker (and so on and so forth). Obviously: with the small portion of trades that are kept ‘in house’ trader losses are profits for the Market Maker and trader profits are losses for the Market Maker but this is not a Market Makers MAIN SOURCE of income and therein lies the difference between a ‘bucket-shop’ and a Market Maker. The MAIN SOURCE of income of a Market Maker is the profit that THEY make on the spread and commissions and it is not in the interest of a Market Maker for traders to lose their accounts. As a matter of fact: it is in the interest of a Market Maker for traders to GROW their accounts because bigger accounts mean bigger trades and therefore more money is made on spreads and commissions on bigger trades. A ‘bucket-shop’ relies on soliciting new clients ALL of the time to replace the ones that have already ‘wiped out’. A Market Maker doesn’t need to do this. What a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that it’s FAR harder to solicit a NEW client than keep and existing and profitable client satisfied!!! TRUST ME!!! I speak from experience here!!! Of course (and yes I guess this IS a bit of ‘advertising’ but ‘what the hell’) with Deltastock, and if a trader is SO ‘paranoid’ that because Deltastock is a Market Maker they MAY be taking the other side of their PARTICULAR trade: you have to option of trading via the ECN/STP L2 Module in Delta Trading and via that module ENSURING that Deltastock is NOT the counter-party (because they are a Market Maker) to your trade by selecting any one of five other liquidity providers via the platform. THAT way: your liquidity provider of choice doesn’t even know YOU or about YOUR trade or ANYTHING like that. Deltastock simply makes the spread and commission on the trade. But I ASSURE you that there is NO need for such ‘paranoia’. Trust me when I say that Deltastock has far too many clients to worry about ‘lil ol you’ and your trades and if you’re trading HUGE amounts then for OBVIOUS reasons risk will be managed as detailed above.

OK: I’m not doing a very good job of the ‘short version’ am I??? LOL!!! Nevertheless: the above MAY be beneficial to those that are confused as to exactly how a reputable broker or Market Maker is SUPPOSED to work.

In addition to ALL of the above (any any ‘free advertising’ aside): I KNOW that my trading systems presented on my forums are profitable with Deltastock (whether it be because of the reliability of their charts or their reliability as a broker or the timezone that they’re in I know not but ‘it is what is is’). I have noted MORE than once that, aside from my little ‘tweaks’ and observations, those trading systems presented on my forums should work with ANY broker. Let’s face it: when Welles Wilder wrote ‘New Concepts In Technical Trading Systems’ Deltastock didn’t even EXIST (but then again neither did on-line spot FOREX trading either and THEREIN lies a BIG difference too but we’ll not ‘go down that road’ here again). I can assure you that Linda Bradford Raschke, Larry Connors, The Turtles, Kathy Lien, and Boris Schlossberg have NEVER traded with Deltastock EITHER!!! BUT: the indicator package that I have put together for those systems have been developed and ‘fine tuned’ for Delta Trading (and, as I noted, I’m busy RIGHT NOW, much to my own disgust, ensuring that the indicator package for Deltastock MetaTrader 4 provides the same signals and functionality as the indicator package for Delta Trading for reasons given previously). The bottom line is that it’s supposed to be a ‘win win’ situation i.e. you trade profitably and I ‘hold your hand’ (if necessary), at present I make commissions on your trades, Deltastock makes the spread and commissions, and everybody is happy. And all of this costs the trader NOTHING. And to be quite blunt about the whole thing: why should I go to any trouble to generate income for another broker (whether they be reputable or not). I’ve spent a good many years on these (and other forums) helping out ‘for the love of the business’ and concern for other people who go into this business ‘blind’ as I did. I’ve reached the point where I believe there’s nothing wrong in my ‘getting back’ (financially) for my trouble ESPECIALLY if my ‘getting back’ is resulting in a client making money AS WELL and my ‘getting back’ is at NOT cost to the client. Sorry: but that’s JUST BUSINESS. And that doesn’t mean that I have no interest in helping others. I continue to do so all day every day on these very forums knowing FULL WELL that most people will probably opt for another broker. But when it comes to my trading systems, my forums, and my broker, well then there’s no question about it: then I’m ‘in it for the money’.

And yes: my being ‘vocal’ about not wasting your time with under $1 000 at Deltastock DOES NOT ‘endear me’ to my ‘colleagues’ or ‘superiors’. That’s true. But REMEMBER: it’s because of the INSTRUMENTS and TIMEFRAMES that I MYSELF trade. Put another way: there’s probably DOZENS of systems on these very forums that will allow you to trade JUST fine with $100 while STILL managing risk with Deltastock’s minimum (spot FOREX) lot size of 1 000 units (EUR/USD for example). I guess to be MORE CLEAR I SHOULD be saying 'don’t waste your time and money opening and account with Deltastock with $100 if you’re going to trade MY way and you’re going to trade MY instruments). That MAY be a fairer ‘representation’. But that being said: I don’t believe that if $100 is all somebody can ‘spare’ to trade with that they should even be LOOKING at this business. With $100 in trading capital, and at ANY broker, if you’re trading ‘correctly’ i.e. with ‘correct’ risk and money management, you’ll be very lucky to even cover the cost of your connection to the Internet let alone the cost of your ‘time’ spent. And with $100 in trading capital the INEVITABLE happens i.e. one or two good trades and ‘all caution is thrown to the wind’, a HUGE position is taken in the HOPE that the $100 will ‘as if by magic’ turn to $1 000 AND THEN you’ll revert back to your original risk and money management rules, and, well, the end result is ALWAYS the same.

So THERE YOU HAVE IT Anita V (and everyone else)!!! LOL!!!

For better or for worse I have a bad (good???) habit of ‘telling it like it is’.



The note (referred to above):

Deltastock AD is in the process of registering with the South African Financial Services Board. DO NOT phone the FSB because they WILL, right now, tell you that they’ve never heard of us. The application and registration process is being handled by a company called ‘MoonStone Info’ in Cape Town who are the only appointed ‘intermediary’ in South Africa to pre-process applications BEFORE they are presented to the FSB (this done in an effort, I assume, to stop an endless flow of applications for registrations that stand NO chance of being approved even REACHING the FSB). All I’m saying is if anybody thinks that I’m talking ‘sh*t’ then feel free to contact MoonStone Info (or look at their website Moonstone). Trust me: THEY HAVE HEARD OF US (probably more times than they would like to have heard from me i.e. registration with our FSB is NOT a ‘walk in the park’)!!!


Take a look at this:

Forex Brokers – Tales from the Back Office How Brokers View Clients | Currency Trading Exchange Guide

I’m pretty darn sure that this doesn’t happen at Deltastock but I can tell you: this type of scenario ‘plays itself out’ DAILY at my first broker TO THIS DAY!!! LOL!!!

Anyway and as amusing as the article may be: there’s INDEED something to be learned from it!!!

You jus set a new record for longest post: wait, the previous record was yours still…

What forum: really I still cant find the place you promised to post stoxx stuff. And I use Delta for charting stuff not available on IBfx or any MT4, like djia and forex futures and the dollar index, if that gets me in? (ya I promptly blew the free $60 by Easter trying to free-wheel)

Good morning (and I MEAN morning i.e. 04h22 here right now)!!!

I don’t know what it’s like at the foot of Mount Kenya early this morning but MAN it’s cold down here!!! It’s UNREAL!!! As a friend said to me the other day: ‘I an speechless a: person in Africa is freezing while an Eastern European can’t find a decent shadow’!!! LOL!!! Anyway: the point is that it’s so cold here that I couldn’t sleep so I figured I’d get up and do something constructive and first thing found your post!!! LOL!!! As I noted to him: I think we should have all listened Al Gore a few years ago i.e. it’s too late now!!! ‘When I grow up’: ‘screw’ New York for a laugh because I can only imagine how cold it must get there is Winter!!! Los Angeles or Miami here I come (and I’m taking ‘Charging Bull’ WITH me)!!! LOL!!!

Right. Now that I’ve got the fingers working!!!

You jus set a new record for longest post: wait, the previous record was yours still…

Hey I’m not so sure anymore you know i.e. of late there are some new posts by others that come ‘pretty darn close’ let me tell you (but yeh: I reckon I still hold the record although I’ve been told lately, on more than one occasion, that some people don’t even BOTHER to read my posts anymore BECAUSE they’re too long)!!! LOL!!! I don’t know what’s worse quite frankly. One of my ‘pet hates’ is these ‘one liners’ nowadays (maybe it’s because of Twitter). I’ve noted that since some of my ‘fancy pants’ friends have got Blackberrys the messages between us (from them anyway) have gotten SHORTER not longer (their old mobile phone text messages used to have more ‘meat’ on them)!!! LOL!!!

What forum: really I still cant find the place you promised to post stoxx stuff. And I use Delta for charting stuff not available on IBfx or any MT4, like djia and forex futures and the dollar index, if that gets me in?

I’m not sure which ‘promise’ you were referring to i.e. I was trying to help some people on that ‘Edgar International’ thread but they seemed to be (for good reason let me add) more ‘hell bent on revenge’ than in my trying to help them trade themselves to make their losses back so I ‘bowed out gracefully’!!! LOL!!! I don’t know if THAT’S the ‘promise’ to which you were referring??? Anyway: MY forums can be found at and it’s by no means some or the other ‘clandestine club’ where the ‘rites of passage’ are a Deltastock trading account (although sometimes I wonder if maybe that’s the way it should be i.e. NOT ONE LOUSY EURO have they generated in income but they’re sure ‘bogging the Internet down’ with download traffic!!! LOL!!! Hell: I’d settle for ONE DOLLAR just to make me feel better)!!! LOL!!! But yeh: of COURSE you’re ‘in’ no problemo!!! LOL!!! Nice to hear from you again.

Edit: unless you were referring to my ‘poll’ for an equity futures and commodities forum HERE??? ‘No takers’ unfortunately hence MY forums (although if the truth be told spot FOREX has ‘crept in there too’ for better or for worse although I cannot lie i.e. there’s a few pairs I myself have traded of late and, well, the profits have at least paid my Internet charges for the next month or two)!!! LOL!!!

(ya I promptly blew the free $60 by Easter trying to free-wheel)

Sorry about that but, well, I’m going to save you the lecture!!! LOL!!! But YOU COULD have traded that $60 to $6 000 000 (I’m not sure how old you are though i.e. it may have taken a while) by starting out trading Silver, the AEX, or the Nikkei 225!!! LOL!!! Just THINK of the ‘rags to riches’ story THAT would have been!!! LOL!!!



And??? After all that??? NC???



Hey Dale,
Just read your posts, thanks again. =)
Man, if I ever need helping writing an essay for uni, I should just copy and paste one of your posts. =D


My pleasure!!!

You don’t even have to give me credit (just ensure you mention ‘Deltastock’ somewhere on the page is all)!!! LOL!!!



Haha, will do buddy. =)

Deltastock, I take it, is a futures broker? It doesn’t deal with spot forex, correct?

Because, not trying to advertise or anything (since I’m not getting compensated… =_=;), I am pretty interested in trading the futures market maybe in a year or two. Currencies, indices are pretty correlated so I feel those would be some good financial instruments to invest some money into and perhaps trade alongside forex.

Of course, from your posts, I realize you need a larger deposit to open an account, which is understandable since you need quite a bit more for contracts versus lots in forex. How much would you recommend I start with, probably not the minimum amount eh? Also, I’m going to assume from you, that Deltastock is quite the reliable broker?



Deltastock??? Actually they’re better known for spot FOREX trading than equity futures and commodities believe it or not!!! LOL!!! SEVENTY-TWO PAIRS I might add (and Gold and Silver are ‘treated’ as spot FOREX if that makes sense)!!! LOL!!!

Personally: I’d say that ANYBODY that opens ANY account with ANY broker (unless they’re able to trade nano lots) with under $1 000 (at VERY least and preferably $2 000) is wasting their time no matter WHAT they trade whether it be spot FOREX or equity futures and commodities. But that’s just me. With less than that: either overtrading or frustration (with the small amount of money they’re making because of the small lot sizes which will, in its turn, lead to overtrading and so on and so forth) will be the cause of a ‘wipeout’. But no: no larger deposit required i.e. Deltastock will also open an account with 100 USD / EUR / GBP but if you’re going to manage risk (following the ‘generally accepted 2% rule’) then you’re going to be limited either in the instruments that you trade (insofar as equity futures and commodities are concerned) or you’re going to be limiting yourself to trading spot FOREX on the shorter timeframes (which has only ‘led to tears’ for me anyway). But as I noted to Anita V (who seems to have dissapeared): there is a direct correlation between the amount of capital required, your trading system, and your choice of timeframe. As an example: my trading systems (the ones that I continue to ‘rave about’ that are presented on my forums) unfortunately, most times, will have you place REAL WIDE stops most times i.e. they’re not the ‘fixed pip / point stop’ of, say, 20 pips / points like other systems as the stops are volatility based stops.

As for reliabilty??? As I said: I’d trust them with the LIVES of my CHILDREN let alone my or anyone elses money. They’re regulated by ‘real’ regulators worldwide (not by some of these ‘toothless wonder’ regulators like in Belize or Greece for example), your funds are insured (you know: just in case I make a trade that ‘breaks the bank’ although, as noted, and as was the purpose of our discussion, would never happen), and, well, there’s not much more that I can say really.



Hi Dale,

I’m still around. As someone mentioned above though, you probably have the longest post in recorded history up there and I think I’ll be reading it a couple more times before I attempt to write anything about it.