Trading signal and mentor

Hello guys,
I have several questions on trading as we are all new and are beginners.

Do traders need a mentor or a trade signal to trade successfully?

After practice do I need advance course to be great at trading?

Do anyone know a trading academy that provides videos learning skill?
Thanks to answering any of those questions.

There are many types of trading education from which it is possible to gain experience in trading. It is possible to collect a lot of information from mentors and good websites.

If the trading mentor is not right, then it is not possible to get a good strategy from him. So a trading strategy should be created that can build a trader successfully.

I’m going to say there are only two trading strategies really because there are only two types of trader - one who likes to buy because price has been rising and one who likes to sell because price has been rising.

You need to decide which you are because its very hard to trade while standing in the other guy’s shoes. After that, the choice of entry signal is not very important…

I personally think that all of these trading mentors and trading singals are really not effective as it might be. I tend to suppose that a trader even he/she is a novice in this should try to sort out in this activity by himself/herself mainly because it’s the best strategy to master trading I guess. Only by your own power, by lots of mistakes but finally they will come to success. Of course nobody can be restricted and should do whatever he/she wants I just expressed my opinion on this matter. Nevertheless, a beginner must have to feel all this burden on himself/herself, if it isn’t like that, then why try so hard?

I don’t actually think that traders are needed in mentors. This activity is supposed to be learnt by yourself. Perhaps you know that such kind of activity would better be learnt by your own just because you will remember all the information properly. Mentors are able toprovide you with theoretical base and a little bit of practice on demo, nevertheless you will have to pay them a particular sum of money (if we speak about a real mentors not free ones). Instead you can search for a learning content and start trading in demo by yourself. There are lots of information in the internet for free so why wouldn’t you use it? It really makes you more independent and you won’t scare of start trading.