Trading Signal Wanted

Greetings, Looking for trading signals to complement what I currently do. Looking for something in the H1 candle and above; with demonstrable success.

Importantly it will need to open so that I may do my own development on it.

Anything out there?

Yes, nearly 2,000 of them. At the moment, I am rather taken by the NNFX method of describing how to find useful signals, but for other forum members, this would be a good start.

P.S. I am quite sure that if anyone has found the El Dorado of trading signals, they will not be posting it on a public forum like this. :crazy_face:

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Hi, thank you for the response. NNFX Looks quite interesting. Yes I think you’re right about El Dorado…to be more precise I am curious to find the order entry logic for systematic quantitative signals that have been back tested.

To generate ideas that will be developed further in-house before potential use. Unpolished products are welcome, even if their edge is fractional and highly qualified to specific market conditions.

Will definitely take a look at the info you provided. Thanks for the heads up.