Trading Signals for Binary Options

Hello. Anyone who is interested to trade binary options? I am planning to start providing at least 10 binary options trading signals if I could invite at least 10-20 people interested. I am presently based in Idaho, USA and I’m using NADEX. I’ve been trading for the last 4 years. I would recommend using the IQ Option broker as I don’t have any problems with them until now. Let me know if anyone is willing…


I would be interested if you’re still offering

Oh, I honestly forgot about this direction, but a friend recently started doing it, I’ll tell him to come to this forum, I think it may be an interesting direction for him, he is a beginner trader…

I’m interested in trading binary options

estou interessado em negociar com você

I can’t say that ready signals are the best tool on the market.
But sometimes it can be relevant, especially if you haven’t yet found a clear guideline.
In the end, it can be used to compare signals with charts and find patterns.

Signals are for fools… develop a strategy do your research and start trading yourself… dont rely on someone else… I tried and failed miserably… so called experts…

I’ve never seen anyone profit from binary options.

Seems like a good strategy if it works for you. Trading signals can be helpful indicators. Good luck.

I agree with @Axecliff, signals can be very helpful for a beginner.

I don’t trust Binary Options.

Are you still offering trading signals for binary options? I just hope that I am not late here. I am interested in trading signals.

I personally don’t think that binary options is the best option for novices, because often this kind of trading leaves you without anything. Just imagine you make a 100$ deposit, okay, you pick a currency pair for example eur/usd, start trading, you stake 10$ that a price goes high in 5 minutes with 1.7 multiple, in case you lose this position you lose 10$, then to give this 10$ back you have to make at least two stakes. In my opinion binary options are just a tool for scammers, brokers often are not regulated at all, they are registered on various islands, it means that it’s almost impossible to argue with them.