Trading Strategies

Hi dear, all of the readers.
I want to start trading and the time frame suitable for my personality is 30M and 1H.
Between the available trading strategies and systems like price action(Classic and New), Supply and Demand (Wyckoff, Sam Seiden, Alfonso Moreno), ICT (Inner Cycle Trader), Al Brooks, RTM (Read The Market), etc. Which one would be the most profitable? like having a fair Risk/Reward ratio that is acceptable not an imaginary R/R like 20! 4 or 5 would be enough but with a higher win rate.

I would recommend you calculate expectancy ratio which is derived from win rate, average win and average loss.

It’s very hard to tell which one is the best and which one is not unless the person is already test it.

But, sometimes the same strategy may not get the same result for each people using it because of the way we exit the trade usually different and unique to everyone.

The way people manage their trades will give different results to a certain strategy.