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Any one care to share some wining strategies. I am fresh at this and i am wondering which strategies to use and how to create one.



Hey Bo,!
How are you ? i read ur tread. “Any one care to share some wining strategies” my answer is, the best winning strategy one can have is the one you implement yourself. So it is better you build your own strategy…

If there is any " winning strategy " then no one will share it for free.

Trying to learn how to implement one but i don’t seem to find good lessons on it.


Hi bo - for your first strategy, use the simplest strategy with the simplest set-up and the simplest indicator, and avoid day-trading.

The simplest technical analysis structure or pattern is a trend. You can easily see when price is moving smoothly upwards or downwards and there is no chance of dispute whether its one pattern or the other, we will all agree. But use a moving average to confirm ho consistent the trend is and to compare it with other trends that might look similar. Enter on the resumption of the trend after a pull-back -

e.g. at the end of an up bar after a down bar in an uptrend: set a stop-loss 2 bars below your entry: trail the stop higher with price as it rises: adjust position size so the risk between entry and stop is as small as possible until you are really expert at this.

Good luck.

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I plot Support and Resistance levels on my charts and trade retracements and retests.

completely agree with you. i have never found at anyone who provide his valuable trading things without paid.

I just posted a strategy right above here. I’ve posted more details elsewhere of 20/50EMA trades, and I’m using a 3/13/39SMA strategy which another trader actually posted and I picked up. I have countless books in which detailed strategies are printed, and some of those books I actually downloaded for free from the internet. The strategies in them are fine and I have used many of them. FFS, trading strategies are free or at least cheap and are littered all over the public domain, they are not a Harry Potter secret, trading is simple.

I will share, I trade price action and the DXY is my indicator.
I use double bollinger bands for my trend confirmation and CCI for my momentum indicator.

I have no long track history but my in my last 15 trading days I have only one losing day where I let my head rule instead of the market.

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Look. every trading strategy has its own advantage and disadvantages. A foreign currency exchange trader will just need to understand how he can manage his funds by adopting that trading strategy. A forex trader must need trading expertise to deal with the benefits of the trading strategy he is trying to use while handling the disadvantages carefully.

It depends.

Do you want to scalp?
Or do you want to be a day trader?
Maybe you’re looking for medium-term / long-term trades?

But Tommor, old mate, that means people have got to search for them when what they really want is you to tell them when to open a trade and when to close it.

Ah, yes, sad but true.

nice message , a good trading strategy can bring good result if there is real money managing approach. but we have to develop our strategies by more practice , otherwise it will not works consistent.

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yes, backtesting and practice is very important. That’s the only way you will know if your strategy is profitable or not. A lot of traders tend to just do whatever, have no type of strategy and that to me is straight gambling,no risk management skills.

I personally believe each trading strategy has its own beauty. And a foreign currency exchange trader should try to manage his funds with the right management of funds. There is no doubt that a forex trader should try to work with the strategy that can help him to achieve his trading objectives.

Sadly I have to say that I’ve watched ALL of your You-tube videos. ALL of which appear to have been submitted within the last week, ad yet you have been on here for less than 2 days and persist in spreading what you propose to be a “wonderful system” throughout threads.

Please keep your self agrandisement to the thread you started and cease and desist from putting links to your own you tube stuff throughout the forum.

None of us have a desire to delete your posts. At least until and if we see you as a scammer. In that context, it would be most convenient for all of us if you would keep your links back to your very new and clearly pre-prepared you tube vids to the one thread - thanks :sunglasses:

The only reason I post link to the video is I cant describe in words what I am showing in the video and I think my approach is valuable to new people who haven’t established their trading strategy yet. If someone thinks my video have no value to the topic, no problem I delete them or if people don’t get value from my answers I would better leave than putting couple of hours a day trying to help people if its not helpful :grinning:. I dont want to do something that won’t be helpful for people so I am thankful if people are letting me know this information is not good and I delete my stuff :sunglasses:

Hey @Traders_Approach, Do not delete your posts or video links… This forum is awash with strategies, ideas, good and bad and a wealth of other information which can be used by new traders.

Members may wish to try/demo your system demonstrated in the video’s or it may just open their eyes to components of your method they had never thought about… either way it adds useful content.
Your backtesting method will be a revelation for some in these forums…

There is also nothing wrong in linking videos to your Youtube channel as long as you are demonstrating a strategy, Indicators or charts… just do not attempt to sell courses, products or signals…

“agrandisement” @Falstaff… I had to look that up…


People do not care about the free things so it is always better to have a paid strategy.