Trading strategy

What is the best trading strategy?

You are the best once you know yourself inside out when reacting to emotional chalenges.

any kind of trading strategy can be better if you know hot to mange money when trading in practical , so traders should develop own money management first of all.,

It depends actually, such as, I’m okay with Price Action trading, but maybe PA will not be suitable to you!

price action is really professional trading step and to be experienced about this trading approach is a very long time issue , so traders always try to skip this

You can read the Trading strategy part of Babypips School; you’ll get there tons of useful info on trading strategy!

If you track most of the popular trading result tracker, then surely you’ll get tons of good trading strategies; but in reality it’s different!

Look up ICT

if you are a complete new in trading i think you can trade with scalping trading strategy , this is more appropriate for the traders who particularly beginners.