Trading stratergy

How to improve my trading strategy? I’m using price action + super trend + EMA crossover

Have you backtested your strategy?
If you have, you would have data on what is your profit factor, what are your losing trades, what are your winning trades, etc.

Try to find a common occurrence with your losing trades, did you always move your stop loss which results in a bigger loss? Did you always get stopped out before price move in your favour? Did you always hold too long and price turns from profit to loss? Did you always trade at certain time in the day and results in losses more than wins? Did you always use the same analysis when you enter these trades?

Once you have found something in common, then you can eliminate that from your trading.

You can do the same with your winning trades, and do more of your winning trades to better your profit factor.

You can also choose to incorporate new indicators or analysis into your trades. And you can start collecting the data for these through backtesting and forward testing. And with the data, you can try to do the analysis above again.

If you are looking for ideas on what incorporate into your system, I suggest you incorporate support and resistance zones into your analysis.

Thank you so much for your Reply.
could you suggest any websites for backtesting my strategy?

What do you use to chart? Use that platform to go back and look at the historical data. Some platforms allow you to “replay” the historical data too (e.g. Tradingview).

Also be wary that you need to be testing with accurate data. A lot of these data needs to be paid for (stocks, futures etc.). Backtesting with inaccurate data is pointless.

Ok thank you

Dear Ranjithkumar877,
To improve your current trading strategy based on price action, Super Trend indicator and EMA crossovers, consider the following points:

Optimize indicator settings for clearer signals.
Add additional input filters such as volumes or oscillators.
Maintain strict risk management using stops and trailing stops.
Define clear rules for exiting trades.
Test your strategy on history and optimize it.
Work on your trader’s discipline and psychology.

Happy trading! Remember, improving your strategy is an ongoing process.

Thank you so much