Trading system?

Please can somebody tell me which kind of chart is this?

I mean the pattern.

And the meaning of those abbreviations

Looks like a Wyckoff diagram. I recognize only one of the terms BOS = Break of Support. There are a minimum of 8 Wyckoff schematics I believe. It’s a specific system that you’ll probably have to do your own research for.

yes it is. agree with you

The terms are used in smart money trading.

OB = order block
BOS = break of structure, so of the last low or high
EQL = equal lows
EGH = equal highs

But I have never heard about the other ones


Are smart money concepts different from Wyckoff trading? Not familiar with either tbh.

These are Smart Money Concept (MSC) terms. There is some blending between Wyckoff and SMC but they differ in many ways. Worth exploring yourself.

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It’s a mix of smart money & supply and demand.

BOS: break of structure
QML: quasimodo level
FOZ: fake out zone
EQL: equal lows
EQH: equal highs

This is essentially just supply and demand but looks like someone is trying to be clever by mixing. Probably wants to sell something. Good luck researching and dont get scammed.

The way the chart is labelled, wyckoff is not being used.

Just for completion the pattern or setup is in SnD called retest of supply zone. In SMC its return to origin/order block.


More or less what other posters are saying that I agree with.

Speaking of support for that matter. Is that support areas are not exact pinpoint number but area’s. I was once told that " Price has memory that support and resistance plays key roles".

its a very fine reply from all, got exact information i need , thanks for your nice post.

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