Trading systerm or discipline?

I would like to start a discussion on whether Method or Discipline is more important in this market?
There are people who think that the right method will make you rich very quickly, but there are people who think that the method only accounts for 10% of your success, if you want to be the ultimate winner, you must be a man keep rule.
What is your opinion?


If your main rule is to pick a low risk strategy, then you will win - if you have the discipline to stick to it.

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I have some notes in my trading plan to remind me of what is supposed to be important

Trading Psychology – 3 things you must have to go Pro (traits)

  • Initiative – to be a “doer”
  • Discipline – to be able to follow structure (emotion is the enemy)
  • Patience

It’s sort of a silly question because they’re both very important you can’t have one without the other discipline is harder to attain for most people so you could look at it that way

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Wise words mate

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Without a shadow of doubt, discipline wins hands down. It’s an emotional control that protects your capital, keeps risk exposure to a minimum daily range, protects against overtrading, revenge trades, and gambling.

And the lack of discipline is why over 90% of new traders don’t make it.

As for Method, I prefer the terminology of focusing on Process, nothing else is so important. Keep sending out the same robot trades into the market day in and day out whatever strategy you have. If your strategy is non-profitable it will show up as you can’t blame the process, just your strategy.

And as for being successful there is no substitute for Experience. There is NO short cut. Get all these right, and you could still be trading in five years from now.


Discipline for me. It seperates the people who use the same methodology. It is the key imo

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Chicken and egg. You need a decent winning strategy but need the discipline to stick to it.

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I think both are a must when it comes to trading. Having a good trading system with discipline will help you out in a long term.

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You need both you can’t have one without the other.
I’d say discipline maybe is more important as strategy can be more mechanical in nature

If you don’t know what your doing discipline wont save you.
Do you plan on becoming a disciplined loser?
“Im a loser, but im really good at it, i have discipline”, :joy::joy: :joy:
your still a loser at the end of the day.

You need to understand what you are doing and then you will know what you can do and what you can’t do,what limitations you have or don’t have.
The problem that most traders face is that when they are right they don’t know why they are right,and when they are wrong they don’t know why they are wrong.

I have yet to meet a disciplined loser :joy:

For some strange reason (probably because I talk too much about trading and investing), a lot of our friends ask me at social events “what would you recommend I invest in”. My favourite reply has been “just look at what I decide to do, and do the opposite. You should get rich pretty quick”.

I do say that tongue in cheek, but then I follow it up with “I am not you, so it would be dangerous for me to assume that you think like me”. Then I go on to asking them what is important in their lives, and what do they want to achieve - you know - how much is enough? The vast majority do not have a tangible goal other than to “get rich” or “have more money”. So then I ask how do they know they are well on the journey, or indeed if they have arrived, without a sense of the end goal in mind.

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Both are equally important, it is not really a matter of choice. You can’t really succeed without having both of those.

This is such a funny question which I also hear a lot (although not directed at me because people only seem to ask me what bitcoin is lol) and it’s always so… generic. Like how is anyone supposed to answer that without knowing their risk profile, how much money they have for investing, how much time they have to watch trades etc etc. But also, I can see why it’s such an easy thing to ask.

I have a friend who asked if he should buy ETH back in 2017 and he bought a whole bunch of them after me and my friends said yes lol. No questions asked! It’s beautiful but also could have turned out so bad. Then again, he has a lot of extra $$ to spare so it didn’t matter either way.

Ooh asking the tough questions nobody ever wants to answer lol

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I agree, I don’t think one can ever tell give a proper answer to that question - what to invest in, that is - on a forum. That requires such an indepth assessment that forum communication is really insufficient.

I found that the secret to winning is to stop losing…