Trading the Time Bracket

Hello, we innovated a new and tested trading method in the forex market. we divide daily movement of the FX market into back-to-back time brackets/periods that a trader can predict and easily follow. these brackets can range in time from 2 hours all the way to 14 hours. i will be posting sell and buy signal here for the next week for you to contrast with live market movement. please stay tuned…

today’s Bracket (Mon - Nov 22) started at 4:00 GMT and will last untill 13:00 GMT. GBP & EUR are both expected to spike upward around 30-40 pips.

I’m not yet convinced. Have you any corroborative detail to add?

Take small positions just to test our signal this week. you will be very happy and pleasantly surprised

Sensible advice but I’m interested in why, rather than how - I don’t feel happy to open a trade based on the simple say-so of someone I have never heard of, for reasons I cannot yet see.

i have come up with this method of trading after many years of backtesting and analysing the three major pairs. they all follow a repeative pattern of time windows that range in duration. please give us a try this week. i will be giving uniform signal daily for [GBP, EUR, YEN].

the time bracket closes in 1 hour. please close all open positions. after that, be on the lookout for any trends after 12:00 gmt, it will continue all the way to 22:00 gmt (prediction for GBP, EUR, YEN)

Interesting approach. How long have you been backtesting?

5+ years. its been a long journey

This market is very uncertain. So, you should always be careful.

Have you followed our signal? The market moved strongly

Wow, that’s great.
Good luck, mate.

Time Bracket of today [Tue - 23 Nov] started @ 4:00 gmt and will last 13 hours to 17:00 gmt, As of now, none of the three pairs is showing any signs of big movements ahead, but keep watching, if no big spikes happen in the next 2 hours, the three pairs will probably stay in range for the remaining time until the bracket closes, (17:00 gmt). Any big spikes after 9:00 gmt should not be followed.

anyone who has taken positions in USD/JPY & EUR/USD please keep holding until bracket closes (17:00 gmt)

Wed - Nov 24…you can short USD/JPY taking advantage of the down trend. you only have 4 hours, Bracket closes 9:00 gmt. wait for new signal after

you can reverse your position in USD/JPY to long and hold it until 14:00 gmt

A time bracket has opened now 16:00 gmt, take long positions in EUR, GBP. and look for USD/JPY to trend lower but take the trade after 17:00 and USD/JPY has confirmed the move downward. All positions must be closed just before 22:00 gmt

Our prediction for the three major pairs today Thu - 25 Nov is that we see no big movements all day until 20:00 gmt. a good scalping opportunity in USD/JPY is present.

Today Fri - Nov 26 . The time bracket of today starts now and will last until 22:00 gmt, no major movements expected in USD/JPY, but keep watching the EUR as it is expected to trend lower today. any trends beginning around 8:00 gmt in EUR and GBP should be followed and will last all day

Please follow GBP, EUR trend upwards and hold until market closes 22:00 gmt. please stay away from USD/JPY for now