Trading the Time Bracket

We innovated a new and tested trading method in the forex market. we divide daily movement of the FX market into back-to-back time brackets/periods that a trader can predict and easily follow. these brackets can range in time from 2 hours all the way to 14 hours. i will be posting sell and buy signal in the trading signal section of the forum. Please follow us this week for a chance to contrast with live market movement. we promise you you will be pleasantly surprised.

Our new method of trading means you divide the 24 hours of the day into distinct periods like, for example: [7 hrs] [5 hrs] [3 hrs] [9 hrs] = 24 hrs. When you know when a bracket opens [ or closes ] these points will be appropriate times for you to open positions or close them based on our signal of course. Think of them as inflection points in the chart. I hope you followed our last signal in GBP, EUR, YEN. They are all making big moves.

our test signal is in “Free Forex Trading Systems” section, you can follow our signal there, its called “Time Brackets”

really thanks for your nice description with exact information. got some fines lines ,