Trading the Trend with Strong Weak Analysis

I tried to plot your figures when I plotted where the TP from buy level, it just gives 5 pips. And in your spreadsheet it is 50pips?

I created a spreadsheet similar to @K31thM3ll0r’s while I was thinking about his strategy. Feel free to use it.
Keith numbers.xls (8.5 KB)

We have a new sheriff in town, NZDUSD is breaking down, watch 0.6650 if we get a daily close below that level this could be a big one



First full day as our new Top Trade and NZDUSD* is already a winner


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JPY is poised to take over the #1 spot so it would be fitting for everyone to get sucked in on long side just to see the Yen dive back to #8, as I have said many times " best time to short Yen is when it is #1"


Nasdaq hit an all-time high today, SP500 is only pennies from doing the same and the lagging DOW could be there within a week. All this while USD and JPY are #1 & 2, whatever happen to Stocks Up - Dollar Down This is the upside down world the Federal Reserve has created, at some point this house of cards will come crashing down

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Very interested but I have a couple of Qs if I may?

  1. If you’ve identified the SW then do you not just place the Stop order for the direction of the SW? ie AUD/USD right now is USD strong and AUD weak so we would only put in a SELL order? Why put in a BUY order?

  2. Regarding orders, why do you use 2 orders per SELL and BUY? Why not just put in one order each at double the amount and TP half of your position at 50 pips and then finish the rest at 100 pips?



(1) It catches a trade in the opposite direction should there be a pullback. Many currency pairs can go over 150 pips a day when volatile.

(2) I do it this way because I work so that I am not sat in front of the charts. So if trade hits the 50 TP then retraces I still have a profitable gain.

If you wish to do it different that’s up to you the result is the same .


Up day for NZD and JPY but no change in our rank order



Do you mean the mid price point of the D1 (daily) candle? Or are you looking at the H1 (hourly) candle to determine the midpoint?

The mid point price of the D1 candle determines where the upper and lower lines are drawn.

So the mid point of the closing candle on the 19/4/19 was1.6807 on AUD/NZD.

The upper limit is 30 pips up for a buy trade and 30 pips lower for the sell.

The hour chart is used to look at what the current trend is and confirming that the trend direction is correlating with the longer term trend at 1 day.

@K31thM3ll0r, Thank you for the clarification.

Looking at current SW Top Trade NZDUSD* we see price completely retraced Wednesday’s down move only to stop and reverse again at the 200ma on the 1hr chart, see the pin bar reversal at the 200ma , if you were playing the pullback on the 1hr chart that would have been your go short signal




Absolutely, I dream of trades like this after a hard week, 6 hours to go, 1 hour chart, anything for 5 pips

as for the nzus great consolidation from 4/8-4/16 on the daily. 4/17 was a crazy bar, however, i think signifies lower prices are to come. they did, and no bull bar on the daily would suggest otherwise hence. so yes, ill go out on a limb, and say that lower prices are to come. watch .6656. for entry. no need to be sarcastic, its boring, and helps zero. you dont dig the method, i understand, it will be ok.

Back to a retracting market, USDCHF is our new top SW Trade but this pair has been going sideways for last 4 trading days.


It looks like all the currencies are maintaining their strengths over the past few days.

As you can see, NZD had been weakening while USD had remained pretty much even over all H4 periods since before the 24th.

NZD hit its low on the 25th, but by then, the downward move was over.

I profited a little of the “pull back,” but then it turned into consolidation, and now it’s anyone’s guess as to what NZD will do from here.

Regarding the current top spot, USDCHF, neither USD nor CHF have been doing anything of interest in the past several days, and Dennis’ numbers show a difference of 1.54%, which is lower than the 2% he prefers.

I created a free indicator that I use to plot Dennis’ numbers for MT5. I think I am allowed to post it here according to the forum policies since it’s free.

(Updated version here
Trading the Trend with Strong Weak Analysis)


based on the rankings, us is 1 nzd is 7. .6656 is still a watch. no daily candle suggests otherwise in my humble opinion. if you use a strength meter, which i do, set an alarm at this level. during the london session wrapping into the us session, take the trade if us is showing strength, and nz is weak, or basically neutral. but make sure us is strong. hope this helps.

hi tigranes,
its not showing currency label on right. what changes in MT5 has to be done in setting.

I pasted the currency labels manually using GIMP.

SW colors

You can hover over the currency or used the data window (CTRL+D) if you want to see currency name and values.